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Evisa India

It is now possible to apply for the Online Indian Visa under the Indian e Visa scheme by Government of India. The e Visa India can be applied in five different categories. Indian e Tourist Visa, Indian e Medical Visa, Indian e Attendant Visa, Indian e Business Visa and Indian e Conference Visa. The Indian e Tourist Visa is further sub-divided into three different categories which are Indian Visa for 30 Days, 1 Year and 5 Years.


Under the Indian Government’s initiative, it is now possible to obtain the Indian Visa Online in five different sub-categories viz. Indian e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa, e-Conference Visa and e-Attendant Visa.


All foreign nationals must possess six months valid passport from the date of first entry into the Indian territory in order to obtain the Indian e Visa. Only two e-Medical attendant visas can be availed against an Indian e-Medical Visa. The Conference Visa for India</a></strong> will cover for activities permitted under e-Tourist Visa India.


All foreign nationals travelling to India must have a six months valid passport with two blank pages to be stamped at the Indian Immigration Check post. The travelers must possess enough cash/funds to cover up their expenses during their stay in India along with a valid return or ongoing journey tickets. For Normal processing of the Visa Application, the applicants must submit the application at least 4 days in advance as it may take 4-7 days for the e-visa to be granted. If the travel is within 4 days, then the applicants must select for the Urgent Processing of their e visa India application form to expedite the process at an additional cost to obtain an Urgent Indian Visa. In any case the travel date must be after 24 hours from the time the application is submitted and paid for. The above-mentioned processing times are not applicable to obtain the Visa result for Chinese and Sri Lankan passport holders as it may take 10 Business days in case of the Normal processing and 5 Business days in case of Urgent Processing.


Official Indian Visa on approval allows a traveler to stay in Indian territory with multiple entry for a period varying from 60 to 180 days depending upon the Nationality of the Applicant and the category of visa applied for. The e-Visa shall be effective for a period varying from 120 days to 365 days with multiple entries. Once the visa is granted, the traveler is permitted to enter the Indian territory, however the authority to permit the entry still lies with the Immigration Officer at the entry port to allow or reject based on their security and other protocol. The fees paid is non-refundable whether the visa application is approved, rejected or the entry to the Indian territory is denied.


Foreigners are required to hold a six months valid passport with two blank pages to be eligible for the Indian e Visa facility. The passport are to be stamped at the Indian Immigration check posts on arrival. To check your eligibility for the Online Indian Visa facility you can click on this link HERE.


Visitors must have a valid return or ongoing journey ticket and enough funds to support their stay in India for the entire duration. The Indian Visa Application must be submitted at least 4 days prior to your travel date as it takes 4-7 days for the application to be processed and declare the result. For travel within 4 days the the applicant must opt for the Urgent Processing of their e Visa India Application. The processing can be expedited at an additional fee to obtain the Urgent Indian Visa in case of emergency. The travel must be at least 24 hours later from the time the Indian Visa Application is submitted.


Indian Visa once granted will allow a visitor to stay for a duration varying from 90-180 days with double and multiple entries depending on the Nationality and category of e visa India applied for. The e Visa India shall be valid to travel for a period of 120 days to 365 days according to type of visa issued. The validity shall be mentioned on the Indian Visa Grant Letter. The total fee paid to avail the visa for India is non-refundable and non-transferrable irrespective of the application being granted, rejected, cancelled by the applicant after submission or entry is refused at the Immigration, Airlines or any concerned authority as per their norms and authorities.



The applicants are strictly advised to submit only one online Indian Visa Application as per the Guidelines of Government of India. Redundant and subsequent applications shall not be approved and will not be granted visa until your existing granted visa is valid. In such cases, the fee shall remain 100% non-refundable so it is imperative to complete the same application which has already been initiated.


<p>The applicants must not begin with a new application in case they have lost the trace of their existing application but call the 24X7 Indian Visa support customer number or email the support team and they shall guide how to retrieve their existing application. Once the application is submitted, it can’t be amended, cancelled and refunded.


It is imperative to initiate/submit only one application against each passport. Submitting Multiple/Redundant Applications for the same Applicant (against any/all passports) shall lead to rejection of all the future applications. To re-login to the existing e Visa India Application.



The Applicant must contact the Indian Visa support centre to trace their existing/lost Application ID before beginning with a fresh one. Once the application is submitted, can’t be amended or cancelled.


the applicants must upload a most recent front colored photograph with white background and a scanned copy of the photo page of the passport which contains the very personal details viz. Name, nationality, Date of Birth, issue date of the passport and the expiry date. They must travel on the same passport against which they have applied for the visa.


<p>They may be required to upload one additional document depending upon the type of the visa selected in the Indian Visa Application Form. The required documents for Visa to India shall be asked to upload as applicants complete the application step by step. Applicants must complete the application form themselves and divulge all correct information in each field as they shall be held responsible for the details provided.


<p>Please find the list of documents required for the respective category of the <b>Online Indian Visa



e-Tourist Visa India Scanned copy of the Bio Page of the Passport which shows the Photograph and other personal details.




e-Medical Visa Scanned copy of the Bio Page of the Passport which shows the Photograph and other personal details.


A letter issued by the concerned hospital in India on their letterhead including the tentative date of suggested admission.


e-Medical Attendant Visa Scanned copy of the Bio Page of the Passport which shows the Photograph and other personal details.


Scanned copy of the Bio Page of the Passport which shows the Photograph and other personal details.

A copy of Business card of the person applying for the visa

A copy of sanction letter under GIAN (Global Initiative for Academic Networks) issued by National Coordinating Institute such as IIM, IIT or other like them, if the person is visiting to deliver lectures.

A copy of resume of the course to be taken up.

An invitation letter from Indian business/parties offering to commence the business but only if applicable.




Scanned copy of the Bio Page of the Passport which shows the Photograph and other personal details.

Clearance certificate/letter from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Clearance certificate/letter to organize the event from the Ministry of External Affairs.

The digital photograph must be uploaded along with the Visa Application with the below mentioned specifications


 Applicants should carry a hard copy of the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) along with themselves all the time during their travel and before commencing their travel to India. They can check their status through the Applicant’s login or by calling and emailing the Indian Visa support center.


Biometric details of the applicants shall be captured mandatorily on arrival at the Immigration desk at the Indian Airports and Seaports. Since e-Visa facility is non-extendable and non-convertible, the applicants must ensure that they must have a return travel ticket or a ticket for onward journey. They cannot visit the Protected/Restricted and Cantonment areas as they would require permission from the Civil Authority before doing the same.



The travelers from Yellow Fever affected countries mandatorily have to carry Yellow Fever Vaccination Card otherwise they maybe quarantined for six days in India upon arrival. Please visit the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare regarding more information about the guidelines for Yellow Fever.


Below is the list of all the authorized 28 Airport and 5 Seaports for the entry to Indian territory using the Indian e-Visa Facility.


<p>Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Lucknow, Varanasi, Pune, Mangalore, Bengaluru, Goa, Nagpur, Trivandrum, Calicut, Cochin, Madurai, Coimbatore, Guwahati, Bag Dogra, Gaya, Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Tiruchirappalli, Port Blair and 5 assigned seaports (Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore, Chennai, Cochin.


For exit any Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) can be used in India. Indian Government reserves the full authority to grant or reject any visa application.


Evisa India
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