Self-care Tips for Moisturizing Your Dry Skin

Majitha Ma

Dry skin can be painful and displeasing and most of the time it shows up in the form of red, rough and itchy patches that appear in different parts of the body such arms, hands, lower leg ankles, soles of the feet, abdomen and thighs. It can prompt fissures and cracks in the skin. The condition of people with dry skin often worsens in winters because of the cold air outside and the heated air inside which is caused by low humidity.    

Dry skin reacts effectively to external skincare treatment because the main root cause for dry skin is external factors. Simply making a few changes in your daily skincare routine will help in combating this disease. Regardless of the reasons, there are numerous things one can do to defeat this disease and make the skin smooth and supple once again alsooo you can try the best skin moisturizers to avoid the dry skin problem. In this blog, we are going to discuss the self-care tips for moisturizing your dry skin. Read on!

Symptoms of dry skin

In case, you are itching more than usual, having scaly dry patches and you are applying excessive amounts of moisturizer creams on your skin then you are likely to have dry skin. 

The symptoms of dry skin are as follows:

  • The dryness that can be painful, itchy or scaly.
  • A redness which is worsening or starting to scab, peel or scale off. 
  • People with darker tones have patches of grey and ashy-looking skin. 
  • A skin that has fine cracks.
  • Unable to sleep at night because of excessive itching.
  • There will be pus, blisters, odour or pain on the infected areas of the skin. 
  • Despite the usage of counter moisturizers, the symptoms are improving but it is getting worse.

Home remedies for dry skin

There are different home remedies one can use such as:


  • Use the right soap


The usage of harsh soaps can cause a plethora of problems for your skin because it constitutes ingredients which are irritants and have strong fragrances. Most doctors and skin specialists recommend people with dry skin to use gentle soaps such as Dove, Olay and Basis so that you can keep the base layer of your skin moisturized. Besides these doctors also recommend using skin cleansers such as Cetaphil skin cleanser, Cera ve hydrating cleanser and Aquanil cleanser instead of soaps. 


  • Take time to moisturize your skin


Washing your skin with soap is only a part of the process. If you want to combat your severely dry skin problem then you will need moisturizers on your skin just after a shower or a bath. It is important to choose moisturizers with no fragrances, perfumes and dyes because you will be able to effectively solve your dry skin problem. 


  • Turn down the heat


Take cool showers. Having a bath in hot water can inflame your skin and it can also hamper your skin’s natural balance of moisture. 

People with dry skin should install humidifiers in their homes and offices because this equipment will add moisture to your indoor air which will ultimately benefit your skin by retaining moisture.


  • Pat don’t rub


Do not rub your skin vigorously while having a bath or shower. When drying your skin with a towel gently pat or dab your skin instead of rubbing vigorously. 

Causes of dry skin

  • Cold and dry winter
  • Furnaces that warm up the air and removes the moisture
  • Hot and dry air in desert environments
  • Air conditioners that cool the air and remove the moisture 
  • Washing hands at regular intervals
  • Ageing ( when you become older your skin gets thinner and it also generates less oil.)                                                                                                            Hope you have now understood the different home remedies to combat dry skin. If you found this blog useful, please share it with your friends. 


Majitha Ma
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