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Sanjay Singh

Are you looking for bulk data entry services? Maybe you want some image to data conversion done? Or are you looking to outsource all your document processing needs to an offshore BPS firm? Well, you will be surprised how efficient DataEntryHelp.com is, as your best offshore data processing solution.

Data Management Services

This is the information age and the world runs on data now. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you will have a lot of documentation work as a part of life. If you try to shoulder all that burden yourself, you’ll find that it’s neither a cost-effective approach, nor is it efficient or accurate.

That is where business process service companies like DataEntryHelp come into play. They have the infrastructure specialized to handle all types of data processing and document management matters, and they also have the particular type of experience and knowledge.

Data Entry Services

There is a plethora of data services you can get from DataEntryHelp, such as:

Data Entry Services : Online data entry in your portals, Offline data entry using own system, Image data extraction when you can’t rely on electronics, Form fill up for insurance claims, taxes, etc, Digitization of physical documents, Bulk data processing for huge volumes,Typing services

Data Processing services : High-quality data processing, Forms processing for business matters, Insurance Claims processing, Image processing with data output, OCR cleanup of dirty or garbled OCR output, Data mining & verification in bulk

Data Conversion services:  Data conversion format-to-format, Document conversion between multiple formats, XML conversion, HTML conversion, PDF conversion, Catalog conversion, Book conversion

 Image Data Services : Image processing, Image indexing, OCR and ICR, Optical character recognition, Data capture, OCRdata extraction, Image scanning

The BPS company, DataEntryHelp makes it their priority to understand and follow the customizations of the Clint's project minutely to the last detail. Utilization of high tech technological resources, new methodologies, sophisticated processes and skilled technically advanced manpower gives this firm a real edge over others.

The sheer amounts of diverse services they offer, adapted to every data need of the client, simply overwhelming. For example: Offline/online data entry, data processing, data digitization, data conversion, form processing, data mining, web research, catalog processing, catalog conversion, eCommerce/OS Commerce product entry, maintenance, image entry, editing, data capture, data cleansing, OCR scanning, OCR conversion and other services like website development, graphic designing and multimedia services too!

Golf Course Data Services

Apart from the above services, DataEntryHelp is proud to announce that they now handle golfing data as well. Using GPS mapping and GPS point location, their service platter offers the following:

Golf Course Data Processing : Golf course mapping, Golf course data services, Golf course layout map, Golf scorecard database, Golfing data sheet, Golf course yardage, Golf course GPS data, Golf course Google Earth map

Employing cutting-edge innovations, DataEntryHelp provides precise and accurate data sets that are compatible with android, apple, and blackberry devices. Using our data is pivotal in successful management and development of all aspects of a golf course property.

Our golf course database service will give you useful and perfect data about everything in your golfing property like greens, fairways, tees, integrated sprinkler control system, irrigation and landscape planning, maintenance of greens, tees and fairways, total land of each specific hole distinguished by tees, square footage and acreage measurement – precise to the tenth of an inch!

Why should you outsource to DataEntryHelp

With stringent quality and security guarantee measures, you will be hard pressed to find a better solution in their attractive price brackets. DataEntryHelp is dedicated to fulfilling the customer’s needs with accuracy, precision, and impeccable timing. Here are some of the reasons why they would be your best choice:

- In-depth process knowledge: More than a decade of experience backs the promise of delivery of date entry services whenever, wherever, however you need it. You will find it easy to tell us what you need – since we’ll get it faster than you can tell.

- Skilled Workforce: Not only we hire highly skilled and experienced professionals very savvy in the data processing industry, we also carry out regular evaluation, training and development, and staff rotation so that you are always guaranteed to get the efficient data outsourcing service that you need and deserve.

- Innovative technology: We make sure that our clocks never run a second slow. Our systems and infrastructure stand always at the bleeding edge, and we extend and adapt the moment a client needs something particularly new in the market.

- Unbeatable pricing: Our prices are the most competitive in the data services market, and combined with attractive discounts and loyalty bonuses, we present the most aggressive pricing scheme in the run.

-  Quality and security: DataEntryHelp dedicate them selves to the mantras of safety and perfection. With strict quality checkpoints and random accuracy checks, you can be sure of getting 99.9% perfect data processing results from us. Add to that our almost-cruel security blanket, constant monitoring, live backup, cloud safety and state-of-the-art firewall systems, and you get a lean, mean, processing machine.

So, what are you waiting for? Outsource your data entry needs to DataEntryHelp now, to get the best od data processing, image data extract and conversion, data mining, claims and forms processing, format conversion, data cleanup, OCR & ICR services and more – for the best prices in the market!


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Sanjay Singh
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