EDESIGN’S Double Role In Jeddah

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Both advertising agencies and marketing agencies are important for your business, brand or company. They help you in creating a better image for your brand, promote your brand, advertising the services of your brand or the products that your brand sells and analyse what type of customers you are attracting. This will enable them to create a new marketing strategy that can be devised to attract all types of people and not just a particular group.

Edesign is a marketing agency in Jeddah that can help you with everything a marketing agency does. So it’s important to know the job of a marketing agency.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

A digital marketing agency provides your company with a digital marketer whose job will be to gather the data and then analyse them.


  • First, the digital marketer needs to devise a strategy that is going to help your company. The strategy needs to include Social media, Content, Advertising, PPC, Messaging and Other digital channels.
  • The next step of the strategy should be to develop the campaign by looking after the Content, the Web Design, the Graphics, the Schedules and Identifying the media. It is also in the job description of the digital marketer to ensure that the campaign is ready for all devices, all protocols as well as specifications.
  • Running the digital campaign will be the further step for a digital marketer. They will need to focus on performing SEO activities, tracking the campaign, working on content in order to promote, and monitor the results of hard work.
  • The next thing will be to collect all the data, for example, who the user is, who they are following, location of the user, action of the user on your website, etc.
  • The last task of the digital marketer would be to analyse the data and report it. This would also allow them to understand whether there is a revision of campaign necessary or not. 


Thus, as you can see it is a great and hard work to run a digital marketing campaign. So, it is crucial for you to hire a company that will help you in doing just that. Edesign can be the perfect choice for you.

Edesign is known to be one of the best advertising agencies in Jeddah. They help in doing everything an advertising agency does.

What does an advertising agency do?

  • Attract clients or customers to your brand, business, company.
  • Manage clients or customers by working closely with them in order to devise a working advertising strategy.
  • Build different types of teams for example, creative team, a team of researchers, a team of media planners, etc.
  • Create a budget for advertising. This will allow the client or customer to use his budget economically so that the best use of it is performed.
  • It brings about a good coordination between the advertiser, itself, media and distributors.
  • It helps in sales promotion and perform sales promotion. It helps to increase the sales of the product.
  • It is known to perform the public relations (PR) work for its clients. This helps in increasing the goodwill between its clients and other parties, for example, thr consumers, employees, shareholders, etc. It also helps in maintaining good relations between the client and media owner.

Therefore, as you can see, it is quite evident that Edesign can help you in both advertising and digital marketing. Thus, being one of the best advertising agencies in Jeddah is definitely a plus point for Edesign. Contact them for further assistance.

alucy brown
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