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How to use emojis for my brand?

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How to use emojis for my brand?

How to use emojis for my brand?(bible emoji)

Emojis are part of our day today, it is so common to send a message on WhatsApp, share a status on Facebook or a story on Instagram with emojis, or even just the emoji, without any accompanying text, this versatility to communicate a message, as well as the variety of emojis available, makes us inclined to use them and they are a good complement for brand communication.

What is the origin of emojis?

Emojis are an inherent part of digital communication and are actually older than you would think, since they were born in Japan in 1999, created by designer Shigetaka Kurita for the mobile communication company NTT Docomo, in order to streamline sending text messages, since it was more practical to use a sequence of emojis than to write a certain amount of characters to express an idea or feeling. Its name comes from the Japanese "e" which means image and "Moji" which means character or letter.

Thanks to its success in Japan, other companies decided to implement them until they spread throughout the globe, applying changes or giving them different meanings until today. Even before the emojis themselves, it was already common to use “faces” made with letters and symbols on the keyboard to send text messages and emails - <3 (^ o ^) -.

Use of emojis for brands

The use of emojis is not restricted to brands, on the contrary, with the necessary considerations they can be inserted into the brand's style manual, thanks to the versatility and spontaneity that characterize them. In addition, to increase the degree of certainty, it is always ideal to ask yourself some preliminary questions.

Are they consistent with the tone of the brand?

Because they are fashionable does not mean that it is an obligation to use them, there are brands that are more formal or institutional than others, just as there are some that focus on a more business segment, which limits the use of emojis such as "faces" or hand gestures, on the other hand, it is possible to use others such as the "check", flags, pens or others that can accompany a message with greater seriousness.

Do you know the connotations of emojis?

This question does not have a single answer, since one can only have several connotations, a classic example is that of the two hands that are together, which for many means making a prayer or supplication with something, but it can also mean thank you or two hands doing "high five". In these cases, it is necessary to know what is the most frequent use among the audience you want to reach, as well as to have the main text and that this is only a complement that reinforces the main idea.

Also, there are emojis which it is advisable to refrain from using, either because they are explicitly offensive or have a very general negative connotation if their context is not well defined.

How many and how often to use emojis?

Filling a message with emojis reduces its formality, seriousness, and credibility; Depending on the message it is allowed to use one or up to three maximum and it is not necessary to use emojis in each message, comment or post. You can also take into account the recommendation of the RAE, which says that emojis can be used at the end of texts and after a period. Do not forget that its main function is to facilitate communication, not complicate it.

Use of emojis in offline media

Once the brand is clear in all the points already mentioned, it also has the possibility of using emojis in offline campaigns in a similar way to hashtags, that is, on billboards, billboards or in different souvenirs, either as a mere compliment or with a certain degree of protagonism, yes or only if the conceptualization of it and its objective allow it. https://christianemoji.com/

borhan bb
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