The most useful Free Angular Templates available for an App Development Project!

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Google’s Angular, the open-source framework for architecting web and mobile apps, has gained a lot of traction amongst the community of software developers. The reason is its easy learning curve, wide-ranging benefits, infinite technical capacity, and huge potential. On account of Angular’s growing popularity over the past couple of years, the internet is flooded with free Angular templates that reduce the developers’ efforts and thereby speed up Angular app development. Needless to say, the Angular developers have the flexibility to choose from multiple free templates. Nevertheless, it is also important to have a thorough knowledge of the templates; to be able to pick the most suitable one as per the project requirement.

This article provides you insights on the top free Angular templates that an Angular app Development Company must essentially use in their projects.

So, let’s get the ball rolling!

The top free Angular Templates that you must-have

A template refers to an HTML snippet that instructs Angular on how to render the components in Angular apps. Given below are the must-have free Angular templates.

Notus Angular

This Tailwind CSS UI Kit and Admin for Angular offers more than one hundred individual components to choose from and combine. Tailwind CSS classes enable you to modify the colors of these components.

Argon Dashboard Angular

This template is built with numerous components each of which has various states for styles, colors, focus, and hover that is easily accessible and can be used effortlessly to create variations in color. SASS files are employed to modify the colors of components.

Black Dashboard Angular

Black Dashboard Angular is a captivating Bootstrap4 Admin dashboard, which utilizes Angular along with multiple components to give amazing looks. This dashboard is an excellent tool that visualizes and manages data for businesses. It creates soothing color combinations, beautiful graphics, attractive typography, and spacious cards.

Purple Angular

Purple Angular eliminates the challenges of building complex and robust web apps. This template offers an attractive and meticulously drafted admin dashboard, loaded with vital components like icons, UI elements, etc. that enable customization and ease out web application development. Dedicated eCommerce pages like Invoice, Orders, and Pricing tables are also featured in this template.


Nebular4.0, a UI library for Angular8, based on the specifications of the Eva Design System, focuses on creating alluring designs and is capable of adapting to your brand quite easily. It offers visually attractive themes and a strong theming engine that supports custom CSS properties mode and runtime theme switching.

Blur Admin Angular

This customizable admin panel framework is built with AngularJS, Sass, Bootstrap CSS framework, Maps, and Jquery. One can easily create a highly responsive user-friendly template using Blur.


Chankya provides loads of reusable components, animations, four distinct navigations, and three layouts – collapsed sidebar, boxed, and RTL. Its features are endless – graphs, tables, charts, email page, chat module, date picker, etc. These can be easily translated and used for local projects and building innovative apps.


Momo is an entirely mobile-ready, sturdy template that is easy to use and can be effortlessly customized and modified. This Angular website template leverages cutting-edge technologies and turns out to be an outstanding starter for your upcoming web project.


This template facilitates creating a simple, yet robust dashboard for an app or a project. It offers five distinct dashboard layouts to choose from, various color skins, a plethora of UI features, form wizards, and pre-defined pages.


Nice provides easy going tools and design templates that aid in managing and maintaining web spaces. A perfect pick for control panels and admin dashboards, it enables one to create highly innovative designs. It comprises of three dashboards, nine demos, six color skins, fifty angular components, and much more. Nice sorts out the admin section very easily regardless of the application or websites.It offers prompt technical assistance too.


Ngx-admin provides a feature-loaded web design with an agile look and is an apt pick if you are searching for an open-source and free Angular9+ admin dashboard. This tool saves you the effort of reinventing the wheel or hiring coders. This kit comes with diverse UI components and formidable customization functions.

Other notable templates

  • Rdash-angular helps you get started using some modules and provides useful directives and controllers for speeding up the developmental process using the dashboard.
  • Paper Kit2 Angular is a Bootstrap4 UI Kit with responsive components and suits all types of screen sizes. Its colors, shadows, and transitions impart a flow similar to that you will get using paper pieces.
  • Monarch is an admin dashboard template comprising of multiple widgets, a clean UI, and unparalleled flexibility.
  • ArchitectUI Angular7, provides five demos along with enticing front end landing page, each delivering a unique approach toward web design and many more.
  • Gradus offers 35 useful pages for entirely sorting out the admin dashboard and is compatible with modern browsers. It uses lazy loading, nested routing, dynamic menu, and AOT compilation.
  • Dexam, an intuitive website template for Angular, offers an in-built toolset that helps you impart a striking look to your website. It provides demos, menus, animations, and a lot more additional features.

Final words

The aforesaid free Angular templates are effective tools to simplify and accelerate your project development. So, these are must-haves for the smooth running of your project.

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