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Guide to choose the Best Body Piercing and Jewelry Shop

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Guide to choose the Best Body Piercing and Jewelry Shop

For thousands of years, there have been permanent body art like tattoos and body piercings all over the world. In fact body art had been determining factor for many peoples’ and cultures aesthetic look. Even though it existed thousands of years ago, modern body art has not seen a lot of changes, besides few technological advancements as well as cultural significance, things have mostly been the same. Body jewelry types and various materials are now much safer.

Body Jewelry

There are many different types of metals that are used in body jewelry. These have their own unique benefits and drawbacks regarding cost and skin allergies. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right type of jewelry for your body piercing like belly bar or nose ring. This would work wonders to make sure that you not only have a healthy healing period but also an amazing look.

These are some skin-friendly materials:

  • Gold – Traditionally, gold has been are very popular metal in the making of body jewelry, as it is allergenic-friendly.

  • Alloy Metals – Silver and many other metals mixed with alloy components are quite helpful in making of cheap body piercing jewelry as compared to other alternatives which might be unsafe.

  • Titanium – Nowadays, titanium has gained a lot of popularity and called an alloy of choice for several types of body jewelryThe main reason being it is affordable, hypoallergenic and stylish as well.

Parts of the body that can be pierced

  • Oral piercing

In recent years, tongue piercings has become popular as well as recognizable oral piercing, especially among women folk. Typically a small barbell or stud stands in as jewelry.

  • Ear piercing

Ear and cartilage piercing is one of the most common piercing among both genders and cultures from thousands of years all over the globe. In many cultures ear piercing is even considered as a ritual for small girls and celebrated as a ceremony.

  • Nose piercing

If you wish to have something more noticeable on your face, in regard to body piercing, a nose is the best place to begin. Septum piercing is also popular, and it involves piercing the center of your nose, similar to a bull.

  • Belly button piercing

A navel or belly piercing is a kind of piercing which is done through, in or around, your navel.  Belly bar is mostly worn as jewelry and titanium is the best material that you can choose.

Choosing the best shop for body piercing and jewelry

When you are searching for the best artist and a shop, it is important to check the sterilization techniques, cleanliness and customer service. To buy body jewelry, you must shop from a trusted store, as quality matters a lot.

Avoid buying cheap body jewelry as some materials can harm your skin. If you are looking for the best and most reliable companies for all types of body piercing jewelry contact Piercing World today.

For over two years, they have designed, manufactured and successfully delivered Jewellery heaven to more than 20,000 customers all over UK.

Jewellery heaven
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