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Some Useful Information on Ear Piercing and Jewelry

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Some Useful Information on Ear Piercing and Jewelry

Ear piercing is one of the commonest types of piercing. Bedazzling the ears can be dated back many thousands of years. Chandelier and dangling earrings were quite popular in the 18th century. According to BBC, Otzi the Iceman, one of the oldest mummies, had stretched ear lobes. Ear piercing is an ancient practice of India, and in some cultures it is even celebrated as a ritual among young children. For most of the people, ear piercing is just something to enhance your looks but there is a lot more to it.

Benefits of ear piercing

• Reproductive Health

The lobe of your ear has a significant point in the center as per Ayurveda. This point is an important area for reproductive health. In addition, in females, piercing of the ear even helps in maintaining healthy menstrual cycle.

• Eyesight

Your ear center is where the vision center lies. Thus, when you apply pressure to this point, it helps to improve your eyesight.

• Brain health

In the initial years, in kids, it is said to ensure proper development of brain. An ear lobe has a meridian point which connects left hemisphere to the right hemisphere of the brain. Therefore, when these points are pricked, it helps to stimulate or activate these parts of the brain.

• Aesthetic appearance

Nowadays, body piercing is in trend in almost all the parts of the world. Ear piercing specifically is most common in both the genders. Different ear accessories or ear jewelry is an absolute necessity to enhance your aesthetic appearance. You can get all types of ear piercing jewelry, whether you need trendy earrings and ear stud for an ear lobe piercing, plugs and ear tunnels for stretched ear piercings. 

Ear Piercing Jewelry

The best part is that nowadays ear piercing jewelry can be easily customized and also there is an option for ready ones too in the stores. Here are various options for different types of ear piercings:

Ear studs

A stud earring tends to be small and sits snuggly on top of an ear lobe, without dropping downwards or climbing upwards. They are available in many different sizes, shapes and designs. Ear studs are comfortable to wear and look awesome with any outfit. Most popular being diamond studs, which are an everyday wear.

Ear stretchers

Ear stretching is also known as ear gauging. It is when gradually you stretch pierced ear holes in your ear lobes. Ear stretching takes effort and time. Nowadays, you get a wide variety of ear stretchers made from different materials such as silicone, titanium, steel, acrylic and organic as well.

Ear tunnels

Plug earrings or ear tunnels are attached to the holes in the ear lobes in a few different ways, like their ends being flared out. It is done to keep the earrings properly and safely attached to the ear. When the plug or tunnel is in, one can rest assured that it would stay in place.

Piercing World offers one of the best ranges of quality piercing jewelry, from gold nose studs, ear studs to silver lip rings.

Jewellery heaven
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