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How to sell my house fast and safely?

joolie Robert
How to sell my house fast and safely?

How to sell my house fast and safely?

You have decided to sell your house, we know that this property has cost you a lot of effort and money, therefore, you

need to make sure that this sale will be successful and safe, however, we know that it is not as easy as it seems.

Do not worry, today we tell you some important aspects that you must have to sell your house safely.

Make an assessment.

Real estate appraisals are the most effective and official way to know the real value of a property based on various

factors related to the quality of life that said property offers, whether due to the state of conservation, the materials

and finishes it has, the location, services, roads, among others.

The real estate appraisal is presented in a document that has legal validity and is necessary to carry out various

procedures related to the property.

This will allow you to set the fair price of your home, and will prevent your property from haggling.

Lean on a notary.
do not neglect financial and legal procedures. Do not sign any document, private contracts or promises of sale, without the prior advice of a notary.

Take this recommendation into account, because in the event of breach of contract or lack of payment or liquidity, the Consumer Prosecutor (Profeco) does not intervene to resolve it because it is a matter between individuals.

Take all taxes into account.

For it to be a safe and legal transaction, you must bear in mind that selling your home also includes the payment of certain taxes.

If you earn income from this operation, you must pay the corresponding Income Tax (ISR).

Keep in mind that you must issue an electronic invoice that guarantees the operation and as a security and certainty measure for users.

Therefore, the notary will make the invoice in the name of the seller, as a complement of tax payment, in addition to having to withhold the ISR and VAT.

Make sure the mortgage is authorized.

Some bidders start the negotiation process, indicating that they are about to authorize the mortgage when it is a lie.

They avoid signing the purchase-sale promise contract without being shown the credit application.

Most of the time, this sale does not materialize and will only waste your time and other potential interested parties.

When someone tells you that they are already in the mortgage authorization process, ask them for proof of the process.

Be careful with the payment methods.
Fake transfers, advance payment of taxes and fees, bad checks, are some of the payment methods used by people who want to

do real estate fraud. You must be very careful when collecting, you can rely on professionals to make it a safe  transaction.

Ask for professional help.

A real estate agent helps you in the whole process, from taking your clients, showing the house, doing the paperwork with the notary, which is not an easy thing, advising you on the subject of contracts to avoid incurring a legal problem or
being a victim of a fraud, until the deeds are signed, the client receives their money and the buyers the keys to their new house. Basically they take you by the hand so that this transaction is a good experience and is a successful sale and
100% secure.

But, be careful with real estate agents.

Make sure the real estate agents are authentic and trustworthy.

There are many "companies" or "real estate agents" that are dedicated to defrauding property owners, who are looking for someone to trust in to sell their home.

Real estate agents or agencies must register their membership contract with the Federal Consumer Prosecutor in  order to market a property.

It is important to make sure that this record exists since if there is any problem in the process, it can be reported,  thus making this process even more secure.

We help you sell your house safely.

At kingsbuyhouses, we are your allies in the process of selling your home, we are the first certified Real Estate office by

kingsbuyhouses usa in Dallas, which is part of kingsbuyhouses great worldwide network with more than 6,500 offices in the world.

We have highly trained real estate professionals to advise you.

We hope this information has been useful to you, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

joolie Robert
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