How to get pogo support for billing related issues?

linda lee

Pogo games an online gaming platform sometimes incurs some issues that are related to the billing of an account. Outdated billing may lead to disabling all your premium perks that are being given in the premium version, so to avoid this situation, you might need pogo support for billing issues.

Although it is advised that you must update your payment details like debit card, credit card in your pogo account to avoid any inconvenience, and users who use PayPal, already have a debit or credit card added to the PayPal app.

Getting your club pogo subscription cancelled can ruin your gaming experience as all your premium perks will be vanished and you will only be able to play free limited games and that too with ads that might ruin the mood of a player in no time.

So today we will be telling you about how you can get billing support through various ways and get your issue solved and enjoy pogo gaming.

Different ways to get pogo support for billing related issues

There are different ways available through which you can solve your billing-related issues in pogo games, and today we will be telling you about those ways.

You can use pogo live chat for assistance regarding billing issues

Pogo games or electronic arts provide you with a live chat support feature to cater to its users and handles all their issues, even billing and club pogo issues. Pogo lice chat allows you to initiate a conversation with a pogo technician and consult your case and instantly get a solution.

You can anytime request a call back from the pogo support team

Sometimes a user is not satisfied with the live chat support and hence needs to call to pogo support number. But in some cases, you can also arrange a call back for the EA executive on the number given by you. They will inspect the issue and give you the appropriate solution after which you will be able to enjoy gaming without any chaos.

Discuss your issue with others using pogo forums

Pogo users can discuss their issues related to anything on pogo forums and can also get solutions from other people. Forums are an open platform where anyone can discuss anything related to pogo games. You can visit the pogo games forum through https://games-forum.pogo.com/?site=help.

With these simple ways, you can get pogo support through these simple ways and can make your issue vanish in some time.

linda lee
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