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Why Winter Is The Perfect Season For Hair Transplant In Islamabad?

Huda Khan
Why Winter Is The Perfect Season For Hair Transplant In Islamabad?

Nowadays, hair fall is the primary cause of tension among people. Although there isn’t a particular season to get your hair treatment done, the ultimate decision entirely depends on the patients’ medical conditions. So, you can opt for any season after a proper discussion with the professional surgeon. However, winter is the best season for this purpose because it is mild with cold weather.

Usually, people believe that hair requires extra treatment in winter, and it’s right to some level, but generally, myths are associated with hair care routine in winter. Remember, not all the myths make sense in practical life, but some are realistic. So, choosing the most favorable season for your hair care routine is essential, but you must know the difference between myths and practical hair care tips.

But before that, let’s come back to the focal point and explore “why winter is the finest season for hair transplant in Islamabad.”

Points to Consider about Hair Transplant in winter

  • Almost every other faces severe hair breakage in winter. According to a Harvard Medical School research study, people shed more hair in winter as the head scalp becomes dry in winter, and it causes serious hair fall. But, the problem can be avoided by following a proper hair care routine in winter. There’s an equal probability of losing hair in summer and winter, but you can prevent it by following a proper hair care routine irrespective of the season.
  • Also, it is considered that washing hair in winters causes severe damage, and people with frequent hair wash in winter experience drastic hair fall. But factually, it’s not 100% true because you can wash your hair in the winter from time to time as it is essential to keep your hair healthy and fresh. So, don’t neglect hair wash in winters as it’s a myth.
  • ‘You don’t need special hair care in winter.’ No, it’s not true as it’s just a myth. Your hair requires proper treatment and care, no matter if it’s winter or summer. Dry scalp in winter needs extra moisturizer and care as it strengthens hair and protects hair fall. So, choose your favorite hairstyle in winter but don’t forget to follow a proper hair care routine. Otherwise, you can experience undesired hair fall.
  • Use top hair care products in winter. No matter if you are facing a severe hair fall or not, proper care helps keep your hair strong and healthy.

Based on these points mentioned above, it is evident that people have associated myths with hair care in winter. Like your skin, you need to follow a proper routine for your hair’s healthy growth. You can go for hair transplantation in winter because it is as safe and secure as any other treatment.

Advantages of Hair Transplantation in winter

Here are the main advantages of hair transplantation in winter. Mainly these benefits are associated with the environment.

  • Direct exposure to sunlight isn’t dangerous in winters. However, sunlight is quite intense in summer, so it is always recommended to go for this winter procedure.
  • As you know, sweat can harm recently transplanted hair. That’s why professional surgeons recommend everyone to avoid sun rays in the early days of treatment. So, sweat issues are not severe in winters, and people can enjoy sunbath without any fear of sunburn.
  • You can go for hair transplantation during winter vacations as it provides you enough time for recovery.

Final Words

No doubt, you can go for a hair transplant in any season but remember, each season has its pros and cons. So, discuss everything with your surgeon and ask about the most suitable season for this procedure. However, it is equally important to choose a professional hair transplant surgeon to experience the desired results. You can find surgeons easily in Islamabad, but not all the surgeons assure quality results.

Make the best use of valuable time and go for this procedure after proper research.

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Huda Khan
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