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Common mistakes not everyone noticed when using a washing machine

Tran Cong
Common mistakes not everyone noticed when using a washing machine

In today's era, washing machine is one of the household electronic devices present in most Vietnamese families. In the process of daily use, many people often think that just put the clothes in the washing machine and press the button to finish. But it is these actions that will reduce the life of the washing machine, waste your time and electricity. Here are the common mistakes that not everyone notices when using the washing machine that Dien May - Cho Lon Furniture Supermarket synthesizes for you. Let's refer to offline!

Using too much detergent

It is recommended to add a moderate amount of detergent to the washing machine
It is a humiliating fact that the detergent creates too much foam and makes your clothes more dirty, especially the collar that has not been washed. Adding too much detergent in the washing machine will prevent the soap bubbles from dissolving. Therefore, you should use an adequate amount of laundry.

Do not zip clothes well

The clothes should be zipped carefully before putting them in the washing machine

You should carefully pull the zipper of clothes before putting it in the washing machine, because it is made of hard material, so the zipper will tear clothes or hook into the washing machine cage and damage the machine.
Do not button shirt when washing

If you button your shirt when you put it in the washing machine, the rotation force of the washing bucket can stretch the clothes, cause the buttons to break, and cause your clothes to skew.

Set the time to rest for the washing machine

This is one of the bad habits that most users have right eye. It is not necessary to set the time to rest because using the washing machine because using the washing machine for several consecutive times of washing can reduce energy consumption as the washing machine enjoys heat from the previous wash.

Mix socks and small items together with multiple clothes

This is a habit that will not affect your washing machine, but it will have a direct impact on you. After washing, you will have to spend a lot of time and capacity to find socks to pair them up, find other small items among many other clothes.

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Wash too many clothes at once

Each washing machine product will have different capacities, if you put too many clothes in excess of the capacity allowed by the washing machine this will cause the machine to stop working, make the clothes not clean and reduce the the life of the machine.

Do not change the water hose into the washer or rubber valve frequently
The electronic components and the components inside the washing machine have a certain lifespan. During the washing process, if you cannot help turn off the water into the washing machine when washing is finished, you should replace the rubber valve. During a long period of use, the water pressure causes the drain valve to harden and close the air tightly. Therefore, you should lock the water to increase the life of the water pipe.

Do not clean regularly the detergent compartment, softener

During use, if you do not clean the washing machine regularly, especially the detergent and softener compartment, this is not good at all. You should clean the residue of detergent that has left behind. Open the lid for a well ventilated wash, clean with hot water and vinegar once a year!

Tran Cong
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