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Cosmetic Dentistry – Advancements You Should Know

Savita Chaudhry
Cosmetic Dentistry – Advancements You Should Know

With the world of dentistry having come a long way from its early days, cosmetic dentistry is gaining popularity, particularly because people are more concerned about how they present themselves in social circles and workplaces. Invisalign braces, teeth whitening Etobicoke, Dental implants Etobicoke are all part of this modern-day cosmetic dentistry. Today, patients also have multiple options with teeth whitening Etobicoke, Invisalign braces, Dental implants Etobicoke and similar cosmetic treatments. Let us briefly understand some of these advancements in Invisalign braces Etobicoke, dental implants Etobicoke and teeth whitening Etobicoke.

Invisalign braces

Invisalign is a brand name given to invisible braces used in teeth alignment. Those who are seeking correction to the alignment of their teeth choose Invisalign, particularly because they are invisible and therefore protect the individual from social embarrassment. Conversely, as many of you would have noticed, metal braces are clunky with the metal showing up whenever the individual smiles.

Invisalign is worn for about 18 months to achieve the best results and the Invisalign tray is changed by your dentist at intervals of about 2 weeks across the period of desired treatment. Invisalign braces should be worn for a minimum of 22 hours every day during the course of the treatment. However, those who choose Invisalign braces do not face any restrictions with their diet unlike in the case of metallic braces.

Teeth whitening 

For people who need a makeover with the appearance of their teeth to improve their smile, we now have multiple ways of teeth whitening. Some of the measures include DIY procedures that can deliver reasonable results with consistent efforts.

But, there can be situations when you need teeth whitening quickly and want to get rid of all the accumulated stains for whiter teeth. Your dentist can provide professional teeth whitening Etobicoke to ensure that your teeth color is not a cause of embarrassment at a job interview or an important date.

When you shop for teeth whitening products, you will find a wide range of solutions, particularly the DIY kits. But, your individual needs and focus will determine the effectiveness of these kits. But, a dentist can educate you on the products used in a professional teeth whitening procedure considering your individual circumstances to deliver the best results possible. 

Dental Implants 

Traditionally, titanium is the metal employed in dental implants. These implants are created from two pieces of the metal. Zirconia is a new material now widely employed by orthodontists in dental implants. Zirconia dental implants are created as a single-piece fixture which hastens the implant saving time for completing the procedure.

Zirconia is free from metals and offers quicker recovery for patients apart from suffering lesser pain because of the quicker implant itself. Further, the single-piece design of zirconia dental implants also ensures that chances of infection and corrosion are significantly reduced. The two-piece design of titanium implants also suffer from the potential shift that may leave open pockets leading to bacteria build-up.

Summing up

For best results with cosmetic dentistry, you should present yourself as an informed individual before your dentist. 


Savita Chaudhry
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