How a Sales Dialer Helps your Business

Jane Edisonn

Businesses these days face many challenges, they have to be productive, efficient, make the most out of working hours, and help employees manage their jobs in the best way possible. The good news is that there are several solutions available, including software packages that help businesses in many fields. They are designed to meet different needs. For example, the sales dialer is efficient for businesses that have to make many outbound sales. It speeds up the process and offers a variety of features. Phoneburner is a good example, but certainly there are many other examples as well.

What Is a Sales Dialer?

Outbound sales are the main activity for businesses in various fields, such as sales or call centers. The sales dialer is a very useful tool to speed up calls and help agents become more efficient and successful. There are many benefits involved, depending on the tool you choose in the end and what works for your company the most. Providers offer many solutions, with various characteristics, but it is essential to focus on certain aspects, such as stability, ease of installation and use, functionality, and support from the developer. You never know when you need it, especially once you begin to use the dialer.

Agents that call many prospects on a daily basis require a powerful tool to simplify the action. It might seem easy to some to call people, but the truth is that manual dialing takes a lot of time, especially when dozens of calls are made each day. Not to mention that agents need to focus and keep up with last conversations, pick up from where they left them the next day, and more. Several dialers are available on the market, some examples include power dialers, predictive, servers, and more. Companies still require people to make the phone calls, because prospective clients respond better to individuals, rather than to robots.

What Is Phoneburner

When people seek a power dialer, they stumble upon  Phoneburner . It is cloud-based, and it is designed specifically for boosting productivity for outbound sales. The platform offers many features, including email tracking and contact management. To achieve sales growth, the tool has advanced reporting functions and lead distribution. It is powerful indeed, and many implement it when they learn more about it. However, it is always a good idea to look for more solutions, compare them, and find out which meets your needs the most.

Developers and providers strive to offer competitive products, and this means it is very likely to find something better that works for you. Sales and call center agents need to make many calls every day and they need to stay in touch with leads to increase sales, achieve targets, complete marketing campaigns, and more. it is helpful to have a powerful dialer at hand, especially one that will simplify their work. They have better control over the conversation, they always hear when the phone rings, and there are useful features, such as Local Caller ID that helps boost live answer rates.

Everyone appreciates an automated calling process, to save time and focus more on the call itself, not on the dialing process. A sales dialer  is highly appreciated, because it shows relevant data about contacts such as call history, and background. This way, agents are more prepared for the call, they know what to say, and how to capture attention. They know where they left the conversation and what calls to prioritize. The overall calling experience is improved, and prospects know how important they are, and how much effort is put in every call.

A sales dialer should have various functions, especially easy integration with CRM. There are many possibilities to achieve this, because some dialers have integrated CRM, or can be easily integrated with the existing system used by companies. It is important to find the right dialer and this is done by taking a close look into your needs. For instance, businesses that have to call several numbers at the same time and on multiple phone lines, require a predictive dialer. This type maximizes conversion rate. The call is automatically redirected to the free agent, so that nothing is lost.

A power dialer is highly appreciated because it eliminates the need to make phone calls manually and in case no one answers the call, the next contact is automatically dialed. Agents don’t have to move between contacts manually and they don’t waste any time. Automatic dialing has many amazing characteristics, and it is useful for creating contact lists, to import leads from other resources. Perhaps some businesses have lists stored in CRM, on spreadsheets. They should be able to use them easily and import them automatically into the sales dialer.

Why Use a Power Dialer?

A power dialer, such as Phoneburner, helps boost sales productivity, and agents can make many more calls. More than that, the dialer puts more important leads front and center, making it easier to close deals. With saved searches, agents are able to prioritize prospects and focus on the sales funnel and how to convert leads into actual customers or achieve the desired target.

Choosing a cloud-based power dialer has many benefits. Agents can log into the tool from any location. They don’t have to be in the same office, and this is extremely useful for businesses activating in many locations, or sales agents that are usually on the go. Even the mobile phone can be connected with Phoneburner to make calls and in a couple of minutes you can work on the sales pipeline.

The entire idea behind a power dialer is to save time and to work more efficiently. this is possible when you have the right tools at your disposal, and it is necessary to make some investments to succeed. Even if you don’t choose Phoneburner from the beginning, it is good to know there are various solutions out there and you can find the right one for you. Developers are ready to listen to your requirements and provide the right tool. 

Jane Edisonn
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