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How to Increase productivity in 2021

vikas nigam
How to Increase productivity in 2021

Let’s assume, you are being furnished with substrates like- ‘elevated quality’, ‘quick speed’ and ‘consistency’.

Then, you are being asked to mix them together that undergoes a reaction to produce a product….what can you name it then???

It can be named as, ‘productivity’.

The other way you can label it as ‘Efficiency’.

I summarise productivity is the utmost utilization of your dimensions to obtain a desirable sequel, both in the personal and professional realm.

Why should a business aim to boost its Productivity?

Good business implements smart missions to drive their profits.

Like you need oxygen, food and water for sustainability….a company seeks a good turnover to prevail in the long run.

And what is that ingenious device that engenders profit??…‘ productivity’ is the reply.

The other important result that productivity brings out is ‘total customer’s satisfaction’ since production has consumers as its root.

How can you culminate Productivity?

‘Happy employees make happy customers’ Yeah! If the employees are pleased as punch, the productivity of a business drastically increases.

We know certain aspects like tracking task time, taking intervals, eliminating distractions, listening to serene music, avoiding multitasking, etc. lift the rate of productivity.

There’s one more secret for pulling together a collaborative and efficacious team that can greatly influence your business and revamp its work quality.

No more guessing- it’s the use of a software tool- SelfPro.

In this context, we will learn how SelfPro, a business management tool that meets the productivity meter of businesses.

SelfPro- What it is?

It’s a business management software widely known as SelfPro CRM and is specially styled for SMEs.

You can also call it a ‘complete package’ rendering services like,

  • Total Quality management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Employee training
  • Strategic planning
  • Workflow management
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Market segmentation
  • Supply chain management
  • Core competency
  • Outsourcing
  • Reporting

This amazing business performance tracking tool can do more than the above-mentioned tasks when routinely updated.

Which functionalities make SelfPro a popular choice?

Stay tuned with me to acknowledge yourself with SelfPro specialities.

◆A pro in Time management

Every SMEs should be able to maximize their time to keep the roots of their businesses moistened.

Prioritizing time management gives wings to any company to soar high above the sky. Don’t you feel amazing peeping through the windows when you are in an aeroplane?

Believe me, when you handle the passage of time properly, you find new opportunities knocking at your company’s door.

But hey! You aren’t alone, SelfPro, the powerful business management tool is here to assist you in timesheets, shared tasks, automated time tracking and planning. 

◆An assistant in Project management

Every organization should be able to judiciously imply techniques for project management. It is essential to deliver an integrated approach that the company needs.

An easy-to-use tool with an aesthetic Graphical User Interface makes me an excellent choice for your start-up. 

◆Inevitable for Finance management

A distinct entrepreneur is one who can skillfully invest.

To make this tactful management effective, SelfPro business management software helps companies in planning, organising, directing and controlling budgets.

Bank reconciliation, invoices, tracking expenses, expense reimbursements, tax compliance are some of my key doings.

◆An intelligent Reporting tool

A strategic approach to success for any business is an imaginative reporting manager.

It helps to translate data into actionable information.

Employees of your company remain hassle-free and lead to productivity.

By using data-bound items like maps, charts, crosstabs and subreports, It helps to present interactive report decks, dashboards, inventory reports, barcode reports etc.

SelfPro can speed up production by more than 40%. Could you see how useful It is???   

◆Sales outperformer

In today’s situation, succeeding in sales and productivity, therefore, is a Herculean task.

Managing the drift all alone makes your employees go mad sometimes.

So, to fabricate an easy journey, SelfPro has a list of sales offerings such as lead and accounting scoring, predictive forecast, sales communications and it continues.

With countless integrations, you can exploit SelfPro resourcefully to the fullest.


Productivity is a great matter of concern.

It is a wholesome food for any business set-up to enjoy the victory.

Hence, business tools like SelfPro have become a necessity for every company to be able to cope with changing markets, establish and maintain a reputed position in the competitive spheres and constantly upgrade business performance.

Well-formulated ‘productive pills’ are well tolerated by any company which in turn draws more customers.

Cause you are well aware of that, ‘without prospects, you wouldn’t have a great company.’

Don’t let your business decline.

vikas nigam
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