The Parimatch Tech case won the HR Brand Ukraine 2020 Award in the "World" category.

Ned Booble

Companies that strive to hire the best market specialists and effectively manage talent can no longer do without advanced technological solutions. Increasingly, Ukrainian market leaders are investing time and resources in automating internal processes. After all, the more successful the company's business processes, the more profitable the business becomes.

One recent example is the case study "The Transformation that Changed Everything: the Parimatch Tech HR Ecosystem". The case won the HR-Brand Ukraine Award 2020 in the Mir category — the project presentation can be viewed here https://parimatch.tech/about-company/.
Head of Talent Business Partners Team Yulia Kotova together with Talent Acquisition Team Lead Olga Pavlenko and HR Applications Manager Olesya Sarkan told how the automation of recruitment and HR processes improves the company's business performance.

The company has created a single internal HR ecosystem, represented by a corporate portal, an automated personnel management system and a recruitment system. The entire product line is based on the principles of transparency, inclusiveness and inclusion.

To help large Ukrainian businesses understand the intricacies of automating internal business processes, Parimatch Tech shares its own experience in implementing innovations in HR.

We decided on HR automation. Where to start?

A comfortable and safe atmosphere, stable wages, and social guarantees provide a favorable basis for digital transformation. Any HR innovation should be implemented after the basic needs are met.

When the team members feel that they are taken care of and their interests are taken into account, it is time to present an innovative idea. In our case, it is the automation of key HR processes and the consolidation of an array of data into one easily managed system. At this stage, it is important to argue within the company how the proposed innovation will have a positive impact on the work of individual teams and the company as a whole. Next, you should conduct focus groups to test the working business hypothesis and involve key stakeholders in the discussion of the idea. A separate, but no less important pool of work is the collection and analysis of feedback from colleagues about a new product or process.
Thus, HR changes will be created for people, not burdened with unnecessary bureaucracy and skepticism. For example, Parimatch Tech, implementing an HR system, collected and structured the profile of each employee in the company. By clicking on the "request leave" button, the employee receives feedback within 1 day, whether his request is approved or not. According to internal data, this reduced request processing time by 97% and saved 93 hours per month for employees. That is, time has been freed up for solving truly priority tasks.

As soon as automation makes life easier and contributes to quick decision - making, the innovation will earn trust and be appreciated.

Recruitment in Excel is the past. How to replace it?

Automation has fundamentally changed the work and recruitment teams of Parimatch Tech. Excel tables and JIRA were replaced by an automated system (ATS). Such software helps to close vacancies several times faster and work systematically with the profiles of applicants. Although it requires significant investment, several months of painstaking integration, daily revision of the functionality.

Adding candidates to the ATS is easy: you need to upload a candidate's resume — the system automatically organizes the information and saves the CV. Thanks to the ATS, recruiters have forgotten about inefficient mailings, as the system is easily configured in terms of auto-replies. Now, after the applicant's response to the vacancy, the system automatically sends a short letter to each candidate stating that his resume has been received and will be considered in the near future.

Next, the recruiter works with the database: sorts suitable resumes, moves them by stages, selects the most relevant candidates for an interview with a profile manager.

But a special magic happens at the stage of signing the offer. The ATS allows an applicant to sign a job offer online. In just a few seconds, the employer and the candidate receive a copy of the signed offer. At a minimum, this practice eliminates unnecessary bureaucratic procedures, at a maximum, it takes care of future employees during quarantine restrictions. By integrating the ATS, the company finds the right employee twice as fast.

Gigabytes of data in general provide an opportunity to analyze any processes, manage risks in a timely manner, and make decisions based on analytics. Data on staff growth, average work duration, turnover, and other metrics are useful for making high-quality HR decisions and testing hypotheses.

How did automation come in handy in times of crisis?

While some Ukrainian companies were forced to "move online" and organize work from scratch in new realities, Parimatch Tech-developed the product, recruited a team, developed new technological solutions for customers.

Adaptability and openness to external changes are sewn into the DNA of our business. Every week, as a food company, we face new challenges and must respond quickly to them. Therefore, the tools in the form of online meetings and corporate messengers were well known to the teams and did not require global investments. The Company has only revised the sequence of internal procedures and interactions. The recruitment team also adapted the recruitment process to the new realities by implementing an online interview system.
In addition, the company anticipated that the quarantine measures would be delayed. We offered our employees a hybrid format of work: teams can choose whether it is more convenient for them to work online or in the office.

Ukrainian society is again on the eve of the new sequel "How to live and work online". Thanks to timely HR innovations and a strong corporate culture, Parimatch Tech, even in the conditions of the second wave of the coronovirus, continues to take care of its people, rapidly gain momentum, and become more efficient at work.

Ned Booble
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