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How Institutions Can Better Attract International Students - M Square Media

Bhupesh Pawar
How Institutions Can Better Attract International Students - M Square Media

In the age of globalization, colleges and universities need to seize the opportunities and boost their credentials by opening up to international students. These international students are key drivers for future enrollments. They spread an institution’s reach across the world, opening it up for increased revenues, diversity, and windows of success.

 Now, it’s easier than ever to target foreign students. There’s a prevailing awareness and interest among student circles about going abroad to study and further their career or develop their skills. It’s high time for higher education institutions to take the cue and benefit from increasing student mobility globally. 

 Here are some key strategies for higher education institutions to attract international students:


  • Provide access to information 

To increase people’s awareness about your college or university means to get the word out. Let people know about you. It is important that you utilize all forms of communication and digital marketing to promote your institution. You need to ensure that your website is updated and optimized in order for it to be user-friendly, relevant, and a considerable source of information for prospective foreign students.


  • Start early 

According to research, students who are contacted and recruited early are most likely to respond positively than those who are contacted later on. Consider, for instance, that high school sophomores who are contacted at that stage are twice as likely to enroll than those who have been contacted as seniors.

 An institution needs to invest their time and effort in looking for international students who can be part of their academic community. Being proactive is the name of the game. 


  • Offer scholarships and financial aid for international students 

The leading cause of apprehension for students who are interested to study abroad is the lack of financial capability. Many students, especially those who are in developing countries, have academic credentials and interest but lack the financial stability and security to pursue overseas education

 If you want to market your institution to these kinds of students, offering scholarships would surely help. Scholarships offset the tuition costs and ease the cost of living, making studying abroad a more realistic prospect for the more struggling segment of candidates. 


  • Offer Virtual Tours on Your University Website 

Living abroad and studying there is a big decision for any student and parent, particularly if they do not have any prior experience with it. A university or college can help take the jitters away by offering virtual tours, exposure seminars, and student fairs that offer practical insights into studying abroad. 

 Virtual tours offer a glimpse or a sneak peek of the life inside the campus, and eliminates the need for physical presence and travel to a foreign country during their school selection process. Pre-departure sessions for students and parents, too, provide a glimpse of their studies and life abroad and equip them with the know-how to better navigate their new adventure. 

 These are just some strategies that schools can use and maximize. MSM, which serves as the global or country offices of its partner institutions, is a leading platform that can set you up for success in your international recruitment plan. 

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Bhupesh Pawar
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