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Our body produces collagen. However, many of our organs also make use of collagen including our skin, so that can dwindle as we get older. And when there’s not enough collagen in the system, we can end up having wrinkles and fine lines faster.

Collagen helps keep our skin strong and supple. Without it, our skin can look saggy and can lose its volume as well. If you want to increase your body’s production of collagen in Vancouver, you can start by changing your eating habits.

Here are some of the foods that you should eat if you want more collagen in Vancouver:

Protein-rich food

Without proteins, your body can’t produce collagen. It’s the building block of collagen, so make sure you don’t skip eating foods rich in protein such as eggs, meat, and poultry. If you are vegan, you can eat beans for your protein source instead.

What’s important is that you get the amino acids from proteins. That is how your body will produce more collagen in Vancouver. For plant-based protein sources, eat more quinoa because that contains amino acids.

Vitamin C-rich food

Our body also needs vitamin C to produce collagen. Thankfully, it is found in a variety of food such as citrus fruits. It is also available in tomatoes, bell peppers, and green leafy vegetables. Make sure you get your daily serving of these foods to ante up your vitamin C intake.

Foods rich in zinc

Zinc also contributes to the healthy production of collagen in the body. You can find this nutrient in nuts such as almonds and walnuts. It’s also abundantly available in dark chocolate. If you eat your dark chocolate, you are also getting antioxidants, which is good in fighting free radical attack as well.

Foods that contain copper

Copper-rich foods are also helpful in producing collagen. Copper is abundant in foods like avocados and skin-on potatoes. You can also find it in cruciferous vegetables.

Aside from getting collagen from food sources, you can also try treatments that naturally help boost collagen production. One of the treatments you can try is micro needling. What makes micro needling such an effective treatment is its ability to trigger a healing process in the skin.

It subjects the skin to small damages – just small enough to activate your inner healing functions but not too significant that it leaves behind scars. This is why micro needling is effective. You can get this treatment from clinics like Skin Technique.

Collagen supplements are also available. You can try taking these supplements to augment the missing collagen in your body. They can also come in liquid form. You can drink them straight from the pocket or you can even include them in your juice drinks. Make sure you give these treatments a try to help boost your body’s collagen.

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