How to Make your Eyebrows Grow Thicker

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It is said that aside from beautiful eyelashes, perfectly shaped eyebrows are one of the most noticeable parts in one’s face as it also highlights your eyes. But, not all eyelashes are the same, we are all well aware of that. Some grow way too thick , some are way too thin and both become an insecurity to every woman. When it is too thick, you can simply get them groomed , but when it’s too thin, that’s the real struggle. While eyebrow cosmetics can cover it up to make it appear the way it is desired, it will still be better if it is grown naturally. 


A lot of people are finding ways to make their eyelashes grow or look thicker. Well yes, there are a lot of ways right now to make your eyebrows look thicker if you really struggle growing them you can do eyebrow tattoo, use eyebrow pomade. But wouldn’t it be better if you can have your eyebrows naturally thick and flaunt them even without any cosmetics?.


Here are some of the few things you can use for your eyebrows to help it grow thicker -  naturally.


  • Castor Oils


  • This is one of the oldest yet most effective remedies for making eyebrows grow thicker. They effectively promote hair growth and ensure each strand is thick and strong. It is rich in  proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that help in nourishing your hair follicles.


  • Coconut Oil


  • Coconut oil is believed to be an effective conditioner, moisturizer and helps in improving blood circulation. It has a lot of acid present in it that contributes to hair growth and prevents it from breaking easily. This is also best used for the eyebrows.


  • Olive Oil


  • Olive Oil also contains various vitamins which can help eyebrows grow thicker. It has Vitamins A and E which helps in hair growth. Vitamin E nourishes the hair strand while Vitamin A stimulates the natural oil in the body.


  • Petroleum Jelly


  • Petroleum Jelly as we know it is used as moisturizer for any part of the body as the petroleum helps to prevent the moisture from escaping. Making the eyebrows moisturized regularly can help it grow long and thick. 


  • Aloe Vera


  • Aloe Vera is very famous for every skin care enthusiast. It is very great for hair growth as it contains a compound named aloenin that rejuvenates hair with its nutrients making it stronger and more elastic without breaking.


Technology has already a lot to offer if you want to achieve something to make you look better. But while there are still some natural remedies to make it happen, make use of them as aside from being way cheaper than salon sessions, they are also way safer and more effective - you can even do it on your own.  After all, nothing beats natural! Be more confident and show off your natural beauty.


Stay tuned to Bondi Lash Lab for more tips on how to care for your eyelash and eyebrows!

Bondi Lash Lab
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