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Voice Search SEO: A Must-Have for 2021 and Beyond

Shalu Mithun
Voice Search SEO: A Must-Have for 2021 and Beyond

Are you looking for some in-depth knowledge about Voice Search SEO? Well, you have come to the right place as we have got your back. We are going to tell you about how online searches are made through voice search and this is rocking the trend in 2021 and will continue to be for beyond. To all the business owners, who you are trying to understand what it is and how SEO focuses on voice searches, let's get to the solutions to these problems so that you can understand everything easily and in one go.

If you want to work on your SEO strategy as well as social media strategy in 2021 you should also need to focus on a voice search strategy to increase your brand image and potential customers. Year by Year, the technology is getting better. The voice recognition software shows a 95% accuracy rate almost the same as the humans. For example, OK Google, Siri, and Alexa.

It has been calculated through voice search statistics that the trend of voice search is increasing every year, as nearly half of the searches on search engines are voice-activated.

Let's dive into the benefits of optimizing your website for the Voice Search SEO-

  •         High revenue- The more people start finding your website with the help of voice searches, the more it will help your website in growing your earnings.
  •         Higher rankings- According to a report, if anyone is searching for a particular question, then 75% of voice search results out of so many, will be under the top 3 positions. So, if you are optimizing your content for voice search features according to the strategies, then you are going to attract more visitors from search engines like Google.
  •         Better authorities- There are very high chances of boosting your site's authority, once you start ranking for voice searches. New audiences will start discovering your website that will ultimately improve your overall visibility.

Here are some points that you should be aware of if you want to optimize your site for the Voice Search feature.

  •         Understanding your target audience- The first and foremost task, be it any type of digital marketing,  you need to focus on the audience that plays a huge role in winning the game of voice search SEO. The main point you need to focus on here is that the younger generation is adopting voice search features much faster than the older generation. So, your target should be between the ages of 18 to 40 especially.
  •         Understand the experiences of users- To fully optimize your site for Google voice search trends. You have to understand and focus on how people use it. For example, customers mainly use the voice search option on their phones to get information by asking them generally in the form of a question or a query. So, if you want to be ranked on Google search your content should contain the answers to the questions that hold the potential of being asked by the clients in the future.
  •         Keep it short- Always try to keep your answers short and concise which means easy to understand. The reason being is that if a user is searching for any information through voice search, they are not going to read the search result. They are going to listen to it. Thus, your answer should be very concise and clear to hold the attention of your potential audience.
  •         Try to stay under your local SEO- To increase your rankings in the voice search feature, you should focus on your local SEO. To all the business owners out there, starting with your local SEO provides quicker responses and returns rather than that from trying to rank in the national searches.
  •         Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly- Almost over half of all searches around the globe are performed on a mobile every day. If your websites are not mobile- responsive, then your first task is to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. SEO rankings will be badly affected if your users are having a bad experience. Therefore, if your website is not mobile responsive, they will have a bad experience, in the end, no matter what.

These were some of the points that should be taken into consideration if you want your site to compete with other similar websites, in the year 2021 as well as in many years to come. The voice search trend is not going to leave anytime soon. Start focusing on these points that were listed above before it gets too late and competition becomes harder with the new updates in technologies.

According to the reports, 71% of users would rather choose voice assistant search rather than physically typing their questions or queries. So, this is quite clear that voice searches are rapidly increasing day by day and it is high time that you should start creating a voice search SEO strategy for your business or website to get more exposure and search traffic.


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Shalu Mithun
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