How To Use Vape Pens And How To Clean The Vape Pens


Vape pens are devices that are used for inhalation by vaporising weed and CBD oils for getting high. Since the device looks more like a conventional pen, it is known as Cannabis Vape Pens. Using vape pens is considered much safer than the conventional method of smoking weed to get high. The main advantage of using vape pens is that the user does not inhale tars and carcinogens.

Vape pens create a more simple and easy method of creating vapour from the liquid by the simple process of vaporisation. The method to smoke using cannabis vape pens is much easier than having to roll a joint and smoke. Plus the pens easily fit inside the pockets, and the vapour of the vape pens do not alarm the nearby people of smoking weed.

In this article, methods to use vape pens and clean the vape pens will be explained.

1- How to use vape pens

There are two types of cannabis vape pens in Canada: desktop vaporiser and portable vaporiser. Both the vape pens have the same amount of high and are also very easy to use. The first step is to acquire some dry weed. If the weed is somewhat sticky or dry, then the vaping process won't be as smooth as planned. Then get your vaporiser. Next item needed is the grinder. The grinder helps the user crush the weed properly. The grinder is a small item generally made from wood, plastic or silicone. Grinders help crush the weed more efficiently, making it easier to use.

2- How to clean the vape pens

Almost all the vape pens have accessories that help ensure that the vape pens remain clean. The most fun is cleaning the vape pen after vaping. While cleaning, you can also feel the residual effects of vaping. It is essential to clean the vape pens after every session. If the vape pens are kept clean, they will be ready whenever you feel like vaping. Some people do not clean the vape pens after each use which is wrong. The first and foremost obvious step is to ensure that the pen is not hot and is turned off to clean the vape pens. Ince the vape pen cools down, take the mouthpiece off of the pen. There are chances that while vaping some scraps of weed might have been left off at the herb chamber. Clean the scraps using a brush and to ensure the chamber is thoroughly clean rub the chamber clean with alcohol. The last step is to clean the pipe cleaner. This portion is cleaned by using alcohol. Pour some alcohol and shake it till the area is cleaned.

To finish it up

For your first-time, take help from someone who has used vape pens before and understand how to use the pens and the cleaning process.

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