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Is Crypto Bank a scam?

Dx mike
Is Crypto Bank a scam?

Is Crypto Bank a scam?

Based on all the data currently being handled, Crypto Bank is indeed a scam. It is a scam formula on an investment model that is not very reminiscent of other attempts that occurred not so long ago.

It is an unregulated, non-transparent environment that not only has not offered profitability but has also generated complaints about the contributions made. Also, relying on an investment model that is simply impossible in a realistic and legal environment.

It must be taken into account that the data indicates that this platform is already closely followed by regulatory bodies such as the Italian Consob. It should be remembered that both Consob itself, the USA CNMV and the English FCA , stand out especially within the regulatory bodies for their persecution of fraudulent products and proposals. However, the speed margin with which they act is not so fast as to be able in all cases to avoid that these frauds end up harming those who trust them.

Before being included in the blacklists, a period of time may pass, which is what they usually take advantage of this type of irregular fundraising. Although it is not on those lists, Crypto Bank is

likely to end up on them relatively soon. This is why with all the data, it is not an interesting option, on the contrary, we should avoid it.

Trading cryptocurrencies safely
One of the side problems that this type of scam generates is the fear that is installed in the inexperienced investor, or in those people who have never invested but would like to approach cryptocurrency trading.

Although it is an understandable fear, it should be noted that there are methods and mechanisms in

which it is possible to operate safely. Therefore, there are indeed opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies. What do not exist are magic formulas that allow us to earn money whenever we invest in cryptocurrencies.

Investing in currencies is an option that is attractive to a large sector of investors. The reason is simple, you just have to visualize the evolution of cryptocurrencies in recent weeks to realize their

volatility. This volatility rule, with dizzying price rises and falls, generate profitability opportunities that, well exploited, can effectively offer great benefits.

Take, for example, who invested in Bitcoin at $ 9,500 and exited their positions when it touched $ 10,500. We are talking about hours. Thus, indeed, opportunities for high returns do exist. Also

suffering serious losses, let's imagine that the investor opened his positions at $ 10,500 and, seized by panic, closed his positions when, in half an hour, the cryptocurrency fell to $ 9,300 and it seemed that it was going to continue to decline.

Therefore, it is a complex market, in which in addition to having information, it is usually interesting to know the operation of Trading signals and technical indicators. And even so, a key issue is the choice of the best Trading platforms as security environments in which, since they are regulated, the guarantees of complying with current regulations are implicit.

Investing in cryptocurrencies with CFDs
In trading platforms, we will invest in cryptocurrencies through CFDs.

When you invest in a contract for a difference, you do not acquire the cryptocurrency. What you do is select that specific asset and speculate on how it will evolve in the market. The advantages stem both from the absence of commissions, and from the possibility of seeking profitability both in the revaluation and the devaluation of the asset. If we add to this that we can enter and exit the market very quickly, we see how it is an interesting tool to take advantage of volatility. Be careful, interesting does not mean simple.

If we return to the example of the previous paragraph, if we had opened a position oriented to the rise in the value of Bitcoin when it was at a value of $ 9,500, and we would have closed it when it reached $ 10,000, we would have obtained a profit. But, on the contrary, if our prediction had been of a contraction in value and we had opened a position at $ 9,500 and closed it when reaching $ 10,000, we would lose the same amount that we would have obtained as a profit on the other option.

This is the key to understanding a contract for difference. It can indeed provide large returns but, misused or with a poor prediction, it can lead to large losses. All this without using leverage, which is a multiplier available to this type of investment, which can multiply the profitability, but also the losses.

It is key, as we indicated, to choose the correct online broker correctly. For example, a trading platform like eToro that, in addition to being regulated and having a history of more than a decade, offers such interesting tools as copy trading.(crypto bank app)

Dx mike
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