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best hearing aid in chennai

best hearing aid in chennai

Hearing aid center in Chennai

Hearing Assessment

A hearing estimation is an in-depth estimation of an individual’s hearing by a qualified audiologist. The purpose of determining the nature and degree of a hearing loss and the excellent treatment options available to that individual.

People in around  Chennai,Nungambakkam, kodambakam, mylapore, alwarpet, T nagar, royapettah , thousand light and saidapet can come forward for the test  and under the complete  proper guidance from our assessment group, so many  test will be conducted by the doctors at Best hearing aid centre in chennai and evaluated precisely.

Hearing Aid Dispenser

hearing aid vendor (hearing instrument specialist) is a person licensed to vend hearing aid products. Hearing aid is in the interpretation of hearing estimation instrumentation, hearing aid electronics, specifications, analysis and modifications. All the expert from our hearing clinic have immense intentionality  in suggesting the right instrument to the clients. At Best hearing care centre, people can consult our doctors regarding hearing problems and get ISO certified instruments from our specialist to overcome the issue.



Many hearing care professionals are available in the industry, who should be the right person?? Whom to trust?? This is where many customers slip and start window shopping by calculating only the monetary benefits foregoing quality. Finally they buy a hearing aid that is not suitable for their hearing loss and blame it on the hearing aid. Therefore locating a good hearing care professional is very important.

Usually a customer in need for a hearing aid avail one amongst the following approach,

  1. They go to ENT Doctors & get doctor referrals to a particular clinic.
  2. Surfing through internet or Tele-service to locate the nearest Hearing care professional.



1.Iphone Hearing Aid

Made For IPhone – Direct stereo running  from iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.
Smart  hearing  aids  running effortless hearing in the most true‐to‐life  way.  Now  you have  the  same  chances to  connect  and  engross  as everyone else.





 hearing aids are the smallest concealed hearing aids available, and they are most apt for people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Sitting deep inside the ear, the convention style is so small that there simply isn't room for more powerful speakers and stronger processing power.


A miniature hearing solution. The cottage structure of this hearing aid suit in the ear and makes it invisible to our naked eyes. Makes it vague for someone to identify that you are wearing it. Never overdue such easy, natural and prudent solution for better hearing .Visit Best hearing aid centre in Chennai and feel the difference.



Custom hearing aids are those that are shaped accordingly to fit into your ear. Our audiologist will take an impression of the ear and create a custom fit hearing aid based on your choice. The three types of customized hearing aids are ITE (In The Ear), ITC (In The Canal), CIC (Completely In the Canal).



A continuous ringing sound in our ear that causes huge discomfort. Millions of people worldwide experience tinnitus, including many with hearing loss. The fact is, just wearing a hearing aid can help relieve tinnitus. The tinnitus hearing aid makes it easier to hear conversation, music and ambient sounds around you, thereby pushing the tinnitus to the background and making it less noticeable.


Paediatric hearing solution, an ongoing commitment to make it easier for you to help children with hearing loss achieve their full potential. Our paediatric solutions are purpose-made to suit children’s active lifestyle, classroom teaching and many other situations.


When everything around us is Wireless, hearing aids are no exception. Seamless connectivity wherever you go. The trendy wireless hearing aidtends to stream any sound and is corrected precisely to accommodate your hearing loss. These are the hearing aids compatible with wireless accessories such as Phone Clip, Remote Control, TV Steamer & Mini Microphone. All these accessories are available for hearing aids of all Brands.




Behind the Ear Instruments are the choice one should make if you have a severe hearing loss or if your have very small ear canals, which makes it difficult for a custom made hearing aid to fit into your ear. Never the less these devices are built with all advanced functionalities to meet your pointy requirements.



Pocket hearing instruments are simple and convenient to use. The user can choose between predefined programs depending on the hearing situation. Whether you are with family or friends, listening to your MP3 player or watching television – the Siemens Pockettio will improve your hearing almost in all environments.


1.Phone Clip

Works like a digital headset


Talking on the phone becomes a simple pleasure with the Phone Clip. Just like wearing a top-of-the-range headset the Phone Clip makes taking and ending calls a piece of cake. You can now give your customers a wireless connection between their Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone and their hearing aids.


Remote Control

The Remote Control is for people who appreciate an easy overview of their hearing aids and accessory settings. Adjusting the volume and switching between TV, Audio or PC is easier and more personal thanks to the Remote Control.

TV Streamer

6 out of 10 hearing aid users say better TV usage is highly desired when buying wireless hearing devices. With the TV Streamer you can now transform your customers’ hearing aids into a set of wireless headphones. It sends crystal clear stereo sound from the TV directly into their hearing aids. The streamer can also be used to stream music from a stereo or PC.

Soft Foam Ear Plugs

These earplugs offer the unsurpassed combination of hearing protection and comfort in environments with hazardous noise levels. Molded with state-of-the-art, super low-pressure, high noise reduction foam.

Used for :

  • Loud concerts
  • Power tools
  • Shooting sports
  • Motor sports
  • Loud events
  • Studying


Corded Silicone Ear Plugs


Corded Reusable Earplugs, used to help protect ears against noises exceeding 85 decibels. It features a triple-flange design for a comfortable, snug fit. The attached cord helps reduce the chances of losing earplugs.

Used for:

  • Bike Travel
  • Power tools
  • Loud events
  • Industrial works


Work Safe Ear Plugs

Work Safe hearing protectors are exceptional and once you have it you are all set to work in any gusty environment. It protects against harmful noise, yet you can communicate wearing it and hear alarm sounds. Perfect one for daily use. No silicone used.

Used for:

  • Gardening Works
  • Hammering Jobs
  • Grinding Jobs
  • Work in Traffic zone


Party Ear Plugs

Party earplugs are made for music lovers who want to protect their ears against excessive noise levels conveniently. At the end of an enjoyable night out, many people experience an irritating ringing in their ears. Loud music and shouting into one another’s ears to be heard takes its toll. Your ears are overburdened and require a great deal of rest. If this happens frequently, you risk permanent damage to your hearing and a continuous buzzing in your ears.

Used for:

  • Concerts
  • Night Club
  • Festivals

Best offers outstanding opportunities to build your future. It becomes our prime responsibility to nurture our employees (team members) and promote them to higher stages in their career swing. We oblige to educate our team members in all fields of hearing, thus molding him/her into a competitive candidate. Considering service as our vital attribute, we at Best welcome young & experienced candidates willing to help & serve our society to be part of our team.


Thank you for your interest in BEST Hearing Care Centre.

BEST Hearing Care Centre has so far helped many hearing impaired people to better their hearing abilities. We set you free from the burden of hearing loss. If you are thinking about a hearing aid for the first time or are an experienced Hearing Aid user, looking to take an advantage of some of our latest arrivals in computerized Hearing Aid Technology. Kindly don’t hesitate to contact us…


























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