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Rustic Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

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Rustic Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

There is nothing quite like a good old rustic fireplace. It is an old soul’s house dream and definitely a staple to warm family holidays during the winter season. If you already have an existing fireplace that needs transformation and a bit of character, or you are planning on getting one constructed for your place, then we have rustic fireplace design ideas for you.


Family’s Holiday Vacation

If you ever dreamt about a holiday house for your family, you are not alone. Everybody wants to get away with their family on the holidays and spend time bonding on a dream holiday house. Although it would cost quite a fortune to build an actual holiday house, why don’t you just transform your usual living room and fireplace into a holiday house vibe? Shop on local yard sales and flea markets for trinkets and Christmas décor to replicate that holiday vibe. Put up a snowglobe, some Christmas stockings, a few family picture frames, and Christmas lights to tie it all up.


Faded Beauty

Not all that fades is forgotten, sometimes it is what makes something charming and beautiful. Embrace the beauty of faded white paint in distressed wood as it gives off a mature and rustic feel. Don’t worry, you do not need to spend years waiting for your paint to fade or wood to chip. You just need a few tools to create a distressed wood effect: a reclaimed wood, a thin coat of paint, and a sander to finish the rustic faded look of your fireplace mantel.


Unfinished Art

There is quite a trend these days of unfinished look in cakes, paintings, and art in general. It gives a rustic and natural feel to anything and lets you see the process that transpired in something. Your fireplace mantel could use a few pointers from this rustic trend by skipping on gloss and leaving out the usual polishing touches. Let the wood grains stand out with varnish and a matte finish. You can also paint a few gold details to accent your new masterpiece.


Dainty Antique

Bring out the dainty ornate pieces that you got from the thrift shop and assemble an antique fireplace ensemble. Layer different mirrors and pictures up on the wall with dainty frames. And match it with a dainty flower vase to match the whole wall around your fireplace.


Medieval Style

Limestone blocks that are neatly arranged can give your fireplace mantel a medieval feel. Choose stones with unpolished surfaces, holes, and pockets, for a genuine medieval look. 


Brick it Up

If you have a modern fireplace, chances are you miss the novelty of a good old brick fireplace. There are plenty of design ideas you can do with bricks such as full brick design, or bricks surrounded by wood or metal. There are plenty of types of bricks to choose from too.



The fireplace is a great place to display some of your beloved collectables. Choose the not-so-delicate pieces from your collection to showcase on your fireplace mantel. That would surely be a conversation piece for your guests.

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