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Examples of cause and effect in paragraphs and essays

Collin Lang
Examples of cause and effect in paragraphs and essays

In composition, a cause and effect clause or essay is a developmental method where the essay writer analyzes the causes and / or consequences of an action, event or decision.
The cause and effect of an item or essay can be organized differently. For example, causes and / or effects can be arranged either in chronological order or in reverse chronological order. Alternatively, dots can be presented based on emphasis, least important to most important, or vice versa.

Examples and observations
“If you prove the cause, you will immediately prove the effect; and vice versa, nothing can exist without a reason. " (Aristotle, rhetoric)

Immediate and Ultimate Causes
"Determining causes and effects is usually thought provoking and rather difficult. One of the reasons is that there are two types of causes: immediate causes, which are easy to identify because they are closest to the effect, and end causes, which are somewhat distant, less obvious. and perhaps even latent and ultimate causes can produce effects that become immediate causes themselves, creating a chain of causality. For example, consider the following causal chain: Sally, the computer saleswoman, fully prepared to meet the customer (the main reason ), impressed the customer (immediate cause) and made a very large sale (effect). The chain did not stop there: a big sale led to the fact that the employer promoted it (effect). "
(Alfred Rosa and Paul Echholz, Models for Writers, 6th Edition, St. Martin's Press, 1998)

Writing a cause and effect essay
“For everyone, conceptual complexity can be a cause and effect essay can be easily orchestrated. In the introduction, topics are usually presented and the purpose of the analysis in a clear specified thesis. The body of Then explores all relevant causes and / or effects, usually moving from least significant to most or least influential. Finally, the last section summarizes the various causal relationships identified in the main body of the article and clearly indicates the possible inferences that can be drawn from these relationships. "
(Kim Flachmann, Michael Flachmann, Catherine Benander and Cheryl Smith, The Brief Prose Reader. Prentice Hall, 2003)

Causes of childhood obesity
“Many children today are sedentary, made possible by technology that was unthinkable 25-30 years ago. Computer, video and other virtual games, instant availability of movies and games. Playback on DVD. High technologies in the field of musical hearing have made it accessible to parents and even children themselves. These passive activities led to decreased physical activity in children, often more explicit or implicit parental consent ...
“Other relatively recent events have also contributed to the alarming rise in childhood obesity rates. Fast food stores selling inexpensive, low-nutrient consumables have grown dramatically since the 1960s across America, especially in the suburbs. Children often congregate at these fast food outlets during lunch breaks or after school and consume foods and soft drinks that are high in sugar, carbohydrates and fat. Many parents themselves often bring their children to these fast food establishments. find an example for
imitation ". (Mackie Shilston, Childhood Body Plan Mackie Shilston. Key Publications in Health, 2009)

Cause and Effect in Jonathan Swift's Modest Proposition
A Modest Proposal ”is an excellent example of the use of non-reasoned means of rhetorical persuasion. The entire article is based, of course, in large part on the causal argument: These reasons led to this situation in Ireland, and this proposal will lead to these effects in Ireland. However, Swift does not use the specific forms of reasoning in this article within the general scope of this argument. Rather, the projector decides that its arguments and arguments will be presented to them as evidence to accumulate. "

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