Men and Mental health or the use of Xanax



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Millions of people live with mental health issues some of them consider this seriously or many of them do not have any courage to reach out and seek help.

Depression and suicide are ranked as leading causes of death among men. And now they’re still far less likely to seek treatment than women.

Besides, most of the men take Xanax treatment from a doctor to cope up with their mental issues.

Compared to men, women are probably the ones who are more affected by mental health issues. However, women talk about it openly but men do not do that or do not ask for any help. 


According to the national report, In England, around one in seven men has common mental health diseases. For instance, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other issues.

Thus, Mental Health America reports in the United States every single year 6 million men are affected by depression. Therefore, in the US the suicide rate of 3.54 percent higher than women.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse puts the number of men dying due to alcohol-related causes at 62,000.


Why do not men talk about mental health problems?


Men struggle a lot to accept the fact that they have mental health issues. Thus, the stereotypes of our society make them consider seeking help.


Moreover, the perception we already made up in our minds. That men are the strongest ones or they can not be cry babies about their health issues. And they are the strongest to have any problems.  


Due to that, men suffer alone while seeking help and believe that they are weak in front of all society.


According to an ETimes Lifestyle poll (2021), almost 40 percent of people said they don’t often talk about it because ‘they don’t want to appear weak and vulnerable.


Hence, the complex gender dynamics also include one of the reasons why men do not talk about this. 


Are symptoms in men different than in women?

The specialist says that according to women, men are less likely to show any of the symptoms. 


They also include that men are experts to hide their depression symptoms such as anger issues and irritability. 


 Most importantly, women are straightforward and real towards their emotions so their symptoms have shown exactly how they feel.


 Besides, as mentioned above men do not show any of the symptoms so their symptoms have shown differently compared to women. 


Why do doctors prescribe Xanax treatment for men?


Men are less likely to seek help and get well treated by medical help. However, men do not talk about their emotions openly, so they end up getting medical treatment.


Doctors recommend the dose of Xanax for mental illness in men. As we know Xanax is a prescribed medication for any mental illness. 


This medicine produces a calm effect in your mind and gives you relaxation. So men do not get drive crazy internally and cope up with other life issues.


Therefore, the doctors often provide Xanax for men to reduce their symptoms. 



Compared to women, men are less likely to have a mental illness. Similarly, men are also less likely to seek help and get proper treatment for mental illness.


Also, men are easily developing alcohol addiction which is one of the major causes of mental illness. 


We can not even recognize their mental disease, therefore, they do not easily show their emotions. And we can not say which of the mental disorders they are facing. 


Thankfully, medical treatment like Xanax is available that is more convenient and confidential for men. 


However, you must consult your family doctor first to get a suitable Xanax dosage. 














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