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Amazing Benefits of Drone Inspection

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Amazing Benefits of Drone Inspection

Across a huge range of construction sites, industries, and other spheres, drone inspection using UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles is becoming increasingly popular and the most preferred technique of visual survey. It is one of the most suitable and safest methods as compared to any manned visual survey system. The blue-chip companies and big government offices have started realizing and understanding the various advantages of including advanced drone inspection within repair budgets and annual maintenance as well.

Drone inspection techniques could range from normal standard outputs to 3D models having a high definition, allowing users to evaluate any asset from the comfort of his/her desk. They are not only cost-effective but also help to reduce risk factors working in dangerous situations.

These are some excellent benefits of drone inspection:

  • Roof inspection

Right from managing commercial property to fast checking of any domestic pipework, it is definitely one step ahead when there is a need to carry out roof inspection on a regular basis. Before the availability of drones, these types of maintenance missions were not only time-consuming, costly but also in several cases, quite dangerous as well.

Inspection crews need to scan issues and then assess existing problems to rule out what repair work is required.

Traditionally, these roof repair jobs were done by undertaking challenges and risks. The repair crew had to struggle reaching inaccessible areas with poor visibility issues. Drone roofing has majorly simplified the repair process. Lesser time and tools are needed for inspecting precarious environments, and therefore the task is completed faster.

  • Safety & savings

Drone inspections can help you with both safeties as well as savings, here are their primary benefits:

  • Reduced risk: The inspecting team, no longer must be put into various potentially hazardous situations for repair or any other task.

  • Savings- downtime: For many assets like pressure vessels or nuclear power plants, that must be shut before the inspection could be done, each second of downtime, resulting in loss of revenue. When the drone is used for turnarounds, it can mean big savings for those companies which use these advanced assets in carrying out their several operations.

  • Savings-temporary: Good savings are done, as there is no need to build a one-use structure, scaffolding, or other temporary setups to support an inspection manually.

  • Better records: Over time, data collected using drones represents a well-meticulous record of any asset. By archiving data visually, companies have a better digital footprint of the history of an asset, which could be assessed anytime.
  • Hurricane and storm inspection

It is a big thanks to drones, that can help to capture photos of areas that may be otherwise, absolutely inaccessible after a hurricane or a storm. These might be totally unsafe for the rescue team to inspect too. Along with the addition of thermal imaging or infrared scanners, you can get detailed information on almost all the parts of a structure which might have damaged or needs to be repaired. Using drones majorly helps the rescue team to locate disaster-affected victims quickly. Therefore, nowadays drones are becoming popular for hurricane inspections as well as storm inspections.

Professional Drone Solutions is one of the most experienced and popular companies for all types of drone inspection across Florida. They make use of the best and most advanced technology to provide their clients with high-quality resolution images.

Professional Drone Solutions LLC
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