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Reasons for conducting aerial photography in real estate

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Reasons for conducting aerial photography in real estate

Aerial photography has become very popular in the real estate sector with almost all developers and builders, going in for their real estate photography from time to time. The introduction of drones for the purpose of aerial photography in the real estate business has changed the perspective of the entire sector in the last few years.

Before drones took over aerial photography, builders and developers got this task done by professional photographers, who used to take months to complete the work on the entire project. They charged a hefty amount of money for the work, as it involved skill and a high level of risk. But now with drones conducting all the aerial photography, the use of professional photographers for the job has been done away with.

Faster work

Instead of waiting for months, before the final pictures arrived, now the work has become almost real-time, with pictures for the work conducted available just after only a few hours. Drones are very versatile machines, which can cover huge areas within a very short period of time. Builders and developers of small as well as big projects undertake real estate photography at regular intervals to get a good assessment of the speed of work and amount of work completed at any given period of time.

Assessment of the area

Sometimes, when the area and scope of the project are very big, builders and developers resort to complete real estate photography through drones. This is done to get an actual idea about the area under their control and to know different types of complexities happening in their area.

Through aerial photography, they get to know areas that are involved in difficult terrain or areas encroached upon with illegal construction and occupation. Aerial photography also helps developers in knowing the actual area and its constitution.

Aerial photography helps developers and builders in designing their projects according to the nature of the area. Sometimes, aerial photography completely changes the entire view of the land for developers and many beautiful things come up that were never a part of the original program.

Helps in Repair and maintenance

Contractors use aerial photography for undertaking repair and maintenance works in high-rise buildings or where the project is so big that it is very difficult to ascertain the problem area. At times, in high-rise buildings, repair and maintenance have to be carried out in places that are very risky to operate and difficult to ascertain.

Contractors employ drone operators having good quality drones with high-resolution cameras that can catch problem areas without any human risk. They look for drone operators with experience and expertise, and ones with good skills in drone aerial photography so that they can get an accurate idea of the problem area.

Roof inspection

A roof inspection is a major reason why contractors take up aerial photography of real estate. Damages in house roofing are normal in every residential unit, but it is necessary to have a good idea about the extent of actual damage before repair work is started.

Most contractors, now instead of jumping on the work, conduct aerial photography of the roof, ascertain the actual damage, and then embark upon their repair and maintenance work.

Therefore, if you are looking for a drone operating company that conducts aerial photography and real estate photography at competitive prices, you should visit professional drone solutions. It is one of the leading companies in aerial photography, which trains its staff with the best experts in the industry and offers the most competitive prices.

Professional Drone Solutions LLC
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