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Correctly doing garage door cable repair

Correctly doing garage door cable repair

When you are installing a new garage door you don’t give it much of a thought, do you? all you do is focus on the color, the panel system that has is either manually controlled or through remote or switches, and the window replacement.

But sometimes your garage door cable will malfunction and it is at times like these that you will need to do a cable repair.

But does this mean that you have to hire experts all the time? Will, you are not able to do the cable repair for your garage door all by yourself?

Of course, you can. You just have to know about a few things that you might have to remain unheard of previously.

Knowing about the parts of a garage door system

The garage doors to your surprise can weigh a lot more than you expect. While you are repairing yourself you have to understand that there are some safety precautions to take. This includes wearing goggles, leather gloves, and having a strong ladder, of course, you will also need to have the essential tools too.

Your garage door system apart from the door itself also consists of large torsion springs, cable drums, and garage door cables.

Remember that most of the problems with the garage door cable are easier to repair and you can easily save your money rather than giving a quick call to a garage door mechanic.

Also, each part of the garage door has a specific function to be met and this includes the tracks that keep the door aligned, the garage door cables, and the drums that act like safety in case of an unfortunate scenario in case the spring breaks.

Purpose of installing and repairing the garage door cable

Now before you do the cable repair for your garage door you might be thinking that why do you need to replace it after all.

The cables on the garage doors at either end along with the cable drum act to create torsion on the spring shaft that helps to open and close the garage door easily.

In case one of the cables breaks or falters it will create an enormous amount of tension on the other cable and this may lead to jamming of the garage door or falling altogether.

How to replace the cable properly?

For data cable repair, you must keep the door in an open position and lock the door in place. Now once the garage door is safely secured open up the cables from the top of the spring shaft as well as from the bottom.

If you think of an entire cable replacement then you have to install the new cable after the old torn-up cable has been removed. Attach the new cable safely and check the garage door.

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