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Why publishing your physical book is better than e-book?

rai kim
Why publishing your physical book is better than e-book?

When we are discussing whether physical books or e-books are good, we will not ignore the problem of e-books: why are e-books easier to forget after reading?

In the digital age, there is no doubt that e-books have occupied a part of the physical book market, but for many different types of books, only the publishing and printing of physical books have their value. That is why we recommend that authors self-publishing and printing book physically.


Why are e-books easier to read and forget?

Both the mobile phone screen and the kindle are relatively small, and the small screen will shorten the viewing distance. It’s right to concentrate on reading, but don’t forget that the mobile phone itself has more than a single function except reading. The moment you use the mobile phone to read a book, but you also won't forget that the other functions of the mobile phone. That is meaning you still will be disturbed if you use the mobile phone to read a book. Mobile phones cannot provide us with a good reading environment because immersive reading requires an undisturbed reading environment and atmosphere.

Looking at the small screen, it is difficult to train our short-term memory. In particular, advertisements and notices with inherent interference attributes will cause the complete content of a book printing to be divided multiple times. Such scattered reading will greatly reduce our ability to concentrate and maintain our interest in reading.


Why paper books make readers feel immersed in reading?

From the psychological perspective, reading e-books is similar to reading some articles and information. However, reading e-books will make it difficult for readers to be in awe of the overall meaning of the text and the author's intentions.

This is also one of the advantages of reading paper books.

The front cover, back cover, preface, foreword, table of contents, appendices, etc. of the paper book are all clear at a glance, and readers can conduct overview, speed reading, intensive reading, or review at any time without barriers. The action of picking up a book by hand will naturally strengthen the trivial matter of reading to readers, and reading an e-book is just an operation for us to open a reading software on our mobile phone. The same is reading, the biggest difference is the difference between reading and reading the software on the mobile phone.


Paper books and e-books have different logics, which are divided into the following types:

1.Different carrier.

2.Different reading context.

3.The internal logic is different.

Digital reading uses relatively simple psychological stimulation to attract readers shallowly.

Paper book reading must provide something for review and thinking, so as to retain the reader, so as to provide value.


The printed physical book is collectible

Now that online shopping is developed, many readers will choose to buy physical books online, but what does your hardcover book look like? In fact, when a reader purchases a book, he not only expects the content of the book but also the feel of the book printing, the design of the book printing, and the collection value of the book printing. Therefore, it is also very important to print a high-quality book. The cover printing design of the book, the feel of the book printing paper, the details of the bookbinding, the performance of the book picture printing, etc., will all allow readers to enjoy the printed book.

The "collection" attribute of paper books is very important. Paper books are an inherent "sense of existence." When a paper book is placed on the shelf, it has a sense of existence independently, but the existence of an e-book is dependent. When it is on the hard disk, it is invisible until we open our phone or kindle.

rai kim
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