How to Get More YouTube Subscribers and Views

Sonam Mehta

For a newbie to enter into the ocean of a new path which is open to all irrespective of all parameters with one search one tab one-click way. It is very important to know the depth and the height to survive and grow in this global field. We have summarized to you some best organic ways to grow your channel and hence the subscribers in the short and the long run:

Youtube is filled with content from top to bottom-talking about the data 500 hours of content is uploaded to Youtube every minute. DAMN! YES! You read that right!. So the competition is surreal. But what fascinating is that many beginners who start with this career seem to be inconsistent with their content on time. Such unequal time intervals result in non-engagement of the viewers hence result in a very reduced or negative rate in growth of subscribers.

The most important part of growing subscribers on Youtube by buyyoutubesubscriberscheapest is prime face engagement and views on your content. As you invest your time systematically on decided order, content in a day/week/month. But it has to be consistent, you have to make your audience believe your existence in a real sense and trust this process to garner you with some real-time subscribers and your audience base.

2. Quality with the Quantity
See the successful youtubers if you talk be it Carryminati or Amit Bhadana or Ashish Chanclani or Bhuvan Bam: the main object which you find is common is their supreme quality and also the quantity of content. See it is not a humane possible thing to produce every content which will be liked by all, there comes a time when the creators are confused about their own content but they cannot delay their content just for the sake of the content they have produced is not convincing to them. You have to trust the cycle, Audience is out waiting for it, you have to believe in yourself no matter what. I know it is hard but there is content on Youtube which is having technical glitches yet it tops the watch time. The easiest way is to understand this is to assume that you are a Shopkeeper and the Youtube is your Shop, now do you arrange all your item out there in it with systematic order and let customers choose what they want, or you will pick the items according to what you desire for them. Similarly, the Audience is the Boss here: LET THEM DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT FROM YOU.

Do you know the recipe of being extraordinary in this field and trust me its seems cheesy but practically applied. Just do the Ordinary work in an Ordinary manner. After you have completed your part of the work that is being a consistent creator, now it is your duty to let people know your channel: Marketing your content promoting it on social media, engaging on other channels so that the audience know you. Have you felt the vibe before the release of any Bollywood masala film: the amount of budget they do on promoting is sometimes more than of the whole movie. You don’t have to spend money on it: make connections use the best of all social media handles. Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin can make you fly really high. Just make them realize that you are worth their watch if given chance.

Follow what is trending follow the hashtags follow the trends, what's new, make it your use. To be a trendsetter here you have to follow what the audience is up to. Follow and understand the keywords and search views by people on the trend.

5. Explore the unexplored or less travelled road
In this ocean of competition where there are thousands of videos on the same content. If you want to outperform and grow your base. 10 years back India was having 2-3 educational channels which were totally new, they outperformed because they were highlighted. Now there are hundreds of educational channels on Youtube. Be the creator and create an idea unique and different from your competitors. Today too, India doesn’t have hundreds of channels on Book Reviewing, Story Telling, etc. Last but not least like procreate an idea, work on the content, distribute it timely and BRAVO! The field is all yours and honestly, if you are a sincere creator Youtube is an amazing host. So All the Very Best!


Sonam Mehta
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