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How To Keep Your Signage Project On Time And On Budget?

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How To Keep Your Signage Project On Time And On Budget?

Whether it’s designing way-finding signs for a new hospital, or an outdoor monument sign for a local business, signage projects have lots of moving pieces that require planning and close management in order to be successful. Here you will get to know how you can keep the project of sign installation Myrtle Beach on time and within the budget. Let’s get into the matter right away!

  • Keep as few decision makers as possible

Whether you’re making decisions about signs, or where to get lunch, the more people involved in the decision-making process the slower it will go, and the less likely it is you’ll reach a conclusion. Make sure only to include those necessary in the decision-making process, but make sure to include everyone that’s necessary.

  • Establish a primary point of contact

The point of contact should be the most senior person possible with the largest margin possible to handle the project. If the point of contact has the margin to manage the project but isn’t senior enough, then they won’t be able to call the shots, and will be constantly waiting on other people to get things done, thus delaying the project. If the point of contact is senior enough to manage the project, but doesn’t have enough margin, then they won’t be able to dedicate the time needed to nail down details and delay the project.

  • Nail down details on the front end

Sign projects can be incredibly detailed endeavours. Make sure you think through all the necessary details before purchasing signage. Assuming decision makers all understand the goal and purpose of a signage project will avoid headaches and disappointment down the road.Take a look at your calendar and work out with your sign company how long the project will take and when it will happen. If your organization has down times and busy seasons, consider how that will affect your signage project.

  • Keep details organized

It’s not enough to talk about these details. Even with relatively simple projects, people can forget who said what and details can slip through the tracks. In order to hold everyone accountable and keep the project on track, there has to be a paper trail. Before you start nailing down details, choose a method for making that paper trail.

  • Get approval on the project before ordering

Make sure that every decision maker that has to be involved has signed off on the final details of the project. They should at least be aware of the budget, timeline, and proposed final product. It’s best to sit down with all the decision makers and review all the agreed upon details one last time. Once approval is reached, make sure the approval is written down somewhere that you can reference in the future so the decision makers can’t deny their consent.


As far as cost goes, if a sign company makes a mistake, it should be on their shoulders to eat the cost, but if you realize that you need more signage, that is on you to pay for the extra work. It’s a good idea to leave a little room in your budget in case unanticipated signage needs arise.

Charleston Sign & Banner
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