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Important Factors to Consider when Buying a Double bedding

Sophia Ali
Important Factors to Consider when Buying a Double bedding

The sweetest thing in everyone's life is sleep and it's free. Life is filled with new beginnings and every new day brings new challenges. A human needs 6-8 hours’ sleep in 24 hours to keep the mind and body healthy. When it comes to couples, double bedrooms are used where they spend their memorable and happy days or the days of troubles and sadness. It is a place where they spend the precious time of their life and try to make it paradise for themselves.  The interior expresses the personality and designing sense of the people to whom the place belongs. When it comes to making the beds comfortable, premium quality double bedding is the supreme choice. They are made from different types of natural bedding materials. In this article, we have rounded up the basic material guide and how to use it to dress up the bed.

Natural Fabric materials

There exist two types of fabrics; natural and synthetic. Each of these fabrics has its own specification and qualities. Natural fabrics are obtained from plants like cotton, flax, sisal, and hemp and animals like silkworms, soft hairs, and wool. Pure cotton is anti-bacterial, soft, lightweight, and durable. Linen comes from flax seed, is skin-friendly, and regulates the body temperature in summers. They are easy to care for and wash. Egyptian cotton also comes from plants that have long fibers that give the finest look to the cloth and make it smooth and durable. It is considered the most luxurious and rich standard bedding material used for all seasons. 

Silk is a soft, smooth, shiny, and durable material & used for fancy and decorative bedding. It enhances the legacy and elegance of the room. These types of material are usually used on some special occasions. It helps to keep the skin moist and soft. Wool is taken from the sheep, it has a cozy nature & is used in winters and helps to insulate the body against draughts. Satin and sateen are also used for making bed sets, they have a long-lasting life and glossy surface and are suitable for almost all seasons.

Pay attention to the thread count

It means the number of threads woven vertically and horizontally per square inch of the fabric. The durability, fineness, and density of the fabric depending on the thread count. Although it is used for measuring the quality, one should also consider the fiber waves and type. Different types of materials have different scales to measure thread count. Generally, the thread count varies from 200-1500, for casual use 400-600 thread count is recommended. For luxurious double bedding sets, 800 TC is the best go-to choice.

Look for finishes of fabric


Patterns and prints help to add colors and interest to your bedroom. Try to pick an elegant design studio & elusive colors, texture, or unique digital prints. For a traditional look patterned bed sheets are used mostly.


It is a fancy type of fabric that has a self-print or waving pattern in it with shiny threads. You can feel the design by touching it. The finishing gives softness and a fine look to the bedding.


A beautiful finishing touch is added to the bed linen through thread work or embroidery. Different types of embroidered machines work at a time on the fabric to enhance the elegance and give them a different look. 


In this method, different pieces of fabric with different textures are used for designing to make an embellished product. Traditional designs are applied to the sheet by using colorful threads to give the 3D look on it.

Dressing up your double bed

Most couples are doing jobs and they don’t have enough time to set their bed in the morning & mostly they do it in the evening when they have time to dress up their place & give proper attention to it. Here’s the simplest technique comprising basic double bedding elements. You can use it to cut the hassle of dressing up in the bed every morning. 

Set a double bed fitted sheet on the mattress and ensure that it is as tight as possible. It is done to protect the mattress and create a wrinkle-free surface to sleep and give a neat look to the bed. 

Gently shake the duvet so that the inner duvet is set in cover or its corners. Lay the duvet on the bed. If it is a winter duvet just fold it in two parts and make a plain folding that is not much stuffing. 

Lay your matched pillows against the headboard as you want. Mostly four pillows are used from which two are accent ones and are used for decorating the headboard. 

Forgiving an enchanting look, add a throw on the bed’s foot side that covers the two feet of the bed vertically and horizontally. Fur or embroidery throws are used and create a delightful appearance.

Sophia Ali
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