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As you all know that there are so many Excel software available in the market online with which you can recover the Excel file. If the user need help, visit Microsoft via www.office.com/setup free key download for 2021.

Way to Fix Excel Corruption in 2021:

  • Restore Corrupted Excel File From Temp Folder:

First, you have to find out the location of the temp folder location in your Computer. Because, the location of this temp folder is totally different in the different Windows versions.

For Windows 8/10 users:


For Windows 7 users:


After you reach the temp folder location, then you have to search for the file with starts with the “~” or “$” sign and it ends with the “.TMP” extension. Now, you have to Copy these temp files and just save them to other location and also change their extension.TMP to XLSX/.XLS.

  • Disable Protected View:

For this, you need to open your Excel file and then tap on the File option and then click on Options tab. After this, you should click on the “Trust Center” and the click on “Trust Center Settings”. Now, you should go to the “Protected View” option and just uncheck all the checkboxes which is present there and just tap on the “OK” button. Lastly, you should open your affected Excel file. For more details, visit to www.office.com/setup.

  • Install Visual Basic Component:

First, you should go to the Control Panel and then click on Programs and then select Microsoft Office 2010. After this, you should hit on the Change button and then tap on the Add or Remove Programs. Now, you need to tap on the ‘plus’ sign which is there next to the Office Shared Features. Here, you should choose the Visual Basic for Applications and then just right-click on it. At this point, you need to tap on the Run option from My Computer and then hit on the Continue button. At last, you should reboot your PC.

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  • Check And Modify “Component Services” Settings:

First, you should go to your system’s “Start” menu. Then, in the search box you should type “Component Services” or “dcomcnfg” and then press the “OK” button. After this, you should right-click on the Component Services and then select the “Run as Administrator” option. Now, you have to follow this path:  “Component Services” > “Computers” > “My Computer”

Here, you should right-click on the “My Computer” option and here from the drop-down menu, you need to choose the “Properties” option. Then from the “Default Authentication Level”, you need to choose the “Default Properties” and then hit on the connect option. At this point, from the “Default Impersonation Level” you should choose the “Identity” option. Lastly, you should tap on the “Apply” and then hit on “OK” button.

The above mentioned steps help to repair corrupt Excel file in 2021. If the user need and sort of help, then they should visit to the site of Microsoft Office via office.com/setup get the free key download for 2021.

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grace edens
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