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Aido Robot

When you learn about the Aido Social Robot, you would think you are read a page out of a science fiction story. It looks like Rosie the Robot from the classic animated series, The Jetsons, but it can do more than just clean your house.

In fact, that is the main selling point of the Aido Robot. It can help you cook by finding the best recipes for a particular dish you are craving for, and even by measuring the ingredients for you. It can also help you stay on top of your schedules and your finances.


The Aido Robot comes with an HD projector as well as top-notch high fidelity speakers. It can project movies for a more fun movie night with the family, or help you update your Facebook status. You can turn it into a boom box, and you can play games with it.

What’s more, the Aido Robot can control your smart home devices, having both Zigbee and Z-wave compatibility, by connecting to your Wi-Fi or connecting via Bluetooth.

Moreover, the Aido Robot includes a storyteller module so that it can read bedtime stories to your kids when you’re running home late or when you’re away on a business trip. It can also remind you of important meetings and you can even ask it to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

If you are going on vacation, you can leave the Aido Robot at home and it can patrol your house for you. It will use its variety of sensors and work with your home security system to alert you of possible intruders, therefore helping you keep your home safe.

A closer look at Aldo Robot’s features and functionalities


Dual operating systems.  The Aldo Robot runs on both Android and Linux.  It uses Android for its interface systems, and this allows you to have access to millions of apps already available on Google Play.

It is, however, Linux that controls other processes, including the movement, projectors, Wi-Fi connectivity, sensor control, and system guidance.  And the good news is that the company plans to make the API for the Linux portion of the robot available to the public.

Multimedia projector.  You can opt to have a multimedia projector for the Aldo Robot and this gives you 100 lumens, perfect for high-definition videos.

Dual tech batteries.  The robot makes use of both nickel cadmium and lead acid battery.  This means that the battery charges fast and can deliver power for a long time.  The battery is expected to provide eight hours of operations, even if you tell it to move about for two hours non-stop.

Communication protocols.  The Aido Robot can easily control a wide range of smart home devices, thanks to its integrations with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Wi-Fi.

Sensors.  The Aido Robot makes use of several sensors to help it become more useful around the house.  These sensors include air quality, ambient light, temperature, pressure, humidity, noise, and 4-dimensional G-sensor.

Obstacles are easily detected.  The robot also makes use of infrared lights and object recognition to create a topographic map of your home.  It will map out where the doors and furniture are, including the shape of the room.

This forms the basis of its navigational database.  The robot can calculate if it can pass between two objects, and if not, will go around the obstacles.  Aido is also able to detect and avoid people, pets, and other moving objects.

It lets you pass first before going on its way.  Furthermore, the robot has edge detection that tells it to go around furniture or prevents it from trying to go against insurmountable obstacles like stairs.

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Charger rings.  The Aido Robot has two charging rings that are safe from short circuits and that activates only when it is docked properly.


Aido Robot
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