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How to Automate Mobile Application Testing Using Selenium

Vighnesh Sreekanta
How to Automate Mobile Application Testing Using Selenium

How to Automate Mobile Application Testing Using Selenium

Selenium is an open-source testing tool which is mainly used for regression testing and functional testing. Identified as a collection of software testing tools, selenium suites can be used to automate web browser testing. Talking about testing cellular applications, it is a well-known fact that you as testers must have heard about selenium. And if you want to know whether selenium can be used to automate cellular application testing, the following detailed explanation will highlight your query.


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To answer the question "Can Selenium become a cellular application testing tool?" The answer is negative. But the good news is that you can maximize selenium to test cellular sites. This is definitely a reason that can comfort you. And there are several other reasons that will make you smile.

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Selenium, as an open-source testing tool, does not involve licensing costs and therefore ranks above through other testing devices currently employed. Even though you cannot use selenium to automate the testing of cellular applications, you are profitable to use the selenium framework specifically designed for automatic cellular testing.

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Selenium Frameworks are designed to automate cellular application testing






In line with this name, Selendroid is a selenium framework that can be used to test the user interface of the original and hybrid applications that can be run on the Android platform. It is also important to note that while the Selendroid framework is suitable for emulators, it can also find its place in selenium grid, when the framework can be integrated with real devices. Basically it is intended to do parallel testing and scaling, the Selendroid framework allows you to simultaneously communicate with many Android devices.

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Selenium Appium:


Selenium Appium is an automatic open source test framework that can be used to test the mobile user interface that comes with original web applications, hybrids and cellular. It is also a cross-platform tool that can be compatible with many languages including node.js, PHP, Java, Objective-C, Javascript, Clojure, C #, Python and Perl. You as an examiner can take advantage of cross platform characteristics when you can easily use selenium appium through a single test script to test on the Android, Windows, Linux or iOS platform.


A dozen simple steps involved in automating testing cellular applications using appium selenium

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  1. Your first step is to visit http://appium.io. You then need to download the Appex framework along with the sample file as demonstrated below:




  1. The next step is to open the zip file downloaded.


  1. Continue further by downloading and preparing an Android-SDK file to your computer.


  1. See the Android-Sdk framework and Identification of the AVD Manager application. This is to create an Android "default" virtual device.


  1. The next step is to run Eclipse.


  1. You then need to access the folder without zipper to import the jAVA-> sample code according to the following illustration.










  1. After the previous step, this is what you will see; Imported Java project structure.




  1. You are now ready to run the Appium.exe file which is stored in the Unziped folder, as exhibited below.

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  1. You can now launch the Appium Server window that will appear below.




  1. Without Hangan, you can change the AndroidContactStest.Java file according to your needs.


  1. You can now run java class as Junies as described below.




  1. Your results are the application has passed the test.


Great! These simple steps when done in series will give you the power of the appium selenium to automate the testing of cellular applications.

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