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Prostate cancer treatment in India | prostate cancer surgery in India

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Prostate cancer treatment in India | prostate cancer surgery in India

About the Disease

It’s a type of cancer that takes place when the cell of the human body grows quickly. If cells of any part of the human body grow out of control, they can be cancer cells. It then starts spreading to other body parts too.

Prostate cancer symptoms may include the following.

  •       Frequent urination
  •       Blood in urination
  •       Weak urine flow
  •       Pain during urine

Diagnosis of Disease

The best prostate cancer specialist in India diagnoses prostate cancer disease using the following tests.

  •       PSA Blood Test
  •       Prostate Biopsy
  •       Genetic Testing
  •       Imaging Testing
  •       Positron Emission Tomography

Treatment Options

A patient suffering from prostate cancer may choose either method of Prostate cancer treatment in India treatment depending on the stage of the disease.

1. Surgery

  •       Laparoscopy Prostatectomy
  •       Radical Prostatectomy
  •       Bilateral Orchiectomy
  •       TURP (Transurethral Resection of Prostate

2. Radiation Therapy

  •       External-beam Radiation Therapy
  •       Brachytherapy
  •       Proton Therapy
  •       IMRT (Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy)

3. Focal Therapy

  •       Treatment to destroy small prostate tumor
  1. Systematic Treatment
  2. Hormonal Therapy
  3. Targeted Therapy
  4. Chemotherapy
  5. Immunotherapy


Here are some factors that cause a higher risk of prostate cancer signs.

  •       Family History
  •       Age
  •       Genetic changes
  •       Eating habit

Success Rate of Treatment

We help people in finding the world’s best hospitals and doctors for getting the finest prostate cancer treatment surgery in India with a 90% success rate. However, the success rate of prostate cancer surgery in India also depends on the stage of disease people are suffering from.

Silent Feature

Pre Procedure Preparation

Before going for the best prostate cancer treatment in Delhi, one needs to do the following preparation.

  •       Follow the instruction to adjust medication, diet, drink, etc.
  •       Get an assistive device like a walker if you need to stay in the hospital for the whole night after surgery.
  •       Make sure your bowel is empty if you are going for surgery.
  •       Wear cloth as per instruction after reaching the hospital for treatment
  •       Follow the doctor’s advice for eating and drinking before going for surgery.

Throughout Procedure:

The best prostate cancer doctor in India goes through the following procedure to cure patients suffering from the said disease.

  •       A surgeon does a single long skin incision
  •       Removal of the prostate gland
  •       Removal of various tissues around the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.


  1. What is the most common treatment for prostate cancer in India?

A patient can get several methods to choose from for prostate cancer treatment in India, be it surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, focal therapy, or others.

  1. What is the latest treatment for prostate cancer in India?

The latest treatment options for prostate cancer surgery in India are radiation therapy, radical prostatectomy, etc.

  1. What is the best hospital for prostate cancer?

Hospitals like Omega hospital Hyderabad, Mallya Hospital Bangalore, HCG Cancer Hospital, etc. offers outstanding prostate cancer surgery in India.

  1. How much does prostate cancer treatment cost in India?

Well, the prostate cancer treatment cost in India depends on the actual condition of the patients, stage of the disease, etc.

  1. What is the success rate of prostate cancer treatment in India?

The success rate depends on the stage of the disease and the actual condition of the disease.

  1. Who is the Best Prostate Cancer Doctor in India?

It’s impossible to name one as you can come across numerous options while searching for the best prostate cancer doctor in India. Our experts will help you in this arena.


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