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Cream Vs Ointment Vs Lotion! The Differences Which One Should Know!

Shahnaz Husain
Cream Vs Ointment Vs Lotion! The Differences Which One Should Know!

To use the right product to moisturize the skin is a little bit tough. We should always know about the product first and then the skin type we are having. 


Which product moisturizes your dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin should be known because varieties of products are available now. So you can buy skin creamointment, and lotion to rejuvenate your skin.


Difference between Ointment and Cream


Ointments and Creams have either cosmetic or medicinal uses. The main distinction between the two products is the ratio of water and oil. The cream is formulated with uniform parts of oil and water's ratio, but ointments consist of 80 percent of the oil.




Creams are very quickly soaked in the skin because of their water content. Creams are perfect for various uses. It is heavier than a lotion. Skin cream is less greasy than an ointment.


The presence of oil content is in the correct amount in cream. If you have dry skin and rashes, the cream can work well as it remains on the upper layer of the skin against losing moisture. The cream helps to moisturize dry skin and is most beneficial to people with normal and dry skin.




Ointments consist of the maximum oil content. It stays on the upper layer of the skin due to occlusive effects by not getting absorbed. It gives protection against losing moisture. Ointments include ingredients like petroleum mineral oil. Skin ointments relieve and prevent chapped skin. It can have some medical uses. It has antibiotics to treat infections.






Lotions consist primarily of water and a minimal amount of oil, different from cream and ointment. Lotions have thinner consistency because of the presence of water. Few lotions are also free of oil by making them perfect for oily and acne skin. Lotions soak quickly into your skin without leaving any residue. Some lotions have alcohol, too but choose a perfect lotion if you have oily and sensitive skin.


What to Pick and Use - Cream, Ointment, or Lotion


Some benefits and differences are there.




Creams are perfect for non-oily skin. These are better options if you do not desire greasy skin. Ointments, without a doubt, work well for skin patches. The amount of water content in ointment makes it better for several uses. Lotions work better in the summer months.




Lotions are easy to apply on the skin due to high water content and less oil content. People with acne should look for lotions because these are non-comedogenic. Lotions will not clog your skin pores. Lotions are found in pumps and creams in jars because creams thick to be kept with pumps.




So choose the topical product depending on the type of your skin. Ointments should be ideal and best for dry, chapped skin. Creams and lotions stand best for combination skin. Try sun skin lotion, which can benefit your skin from sun damage.

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