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The Benefits of House Painting by Professionals

The Benefits of House Painting by Professionals

Most people are aware that the painting of a home, be it the interior or the exterior, can increase the value and is the perfect way to maintain your home for a long time. Taking this into consideration, Paint in Colors offers their services for interior and exterior painting along with commercial painting. This company is locally owned and assures you the home of your dreams with the help of professionals.

Reasons for Painting Interiors of a Home

If you have been thinking of painting the interiors, probably only the living room or that master bedroom, there are many reasons you should do so.

  1. Cover the Wear and the Tear

With the passing of time, the paint on your walls seems to wear off. This might start peeling if good quality paint has not been used. You might see scratches and nicks from the furniture. There are also chances of the top layer of the paint peeling off and making your home look old and ugly. This is definitely not a pleasant sight and can also be the reason for creating a ‘negative’ atmosphere at home. All you need to do is contact Paint in colors and we will send our team of professionals to inspect and advise.

  1. Creating a Special Room

Colors have a big impact on any room. We offer you a vast choice of different shades and colors.  This can help you enhance the purpose and feel of a room. Using a different color for a bedroom or a study can help in setting the right mood.

  1. Increasing the Resale Value of your Home

There might be a possibility that you are deciding on shifting to a new home and wish to sell the existing one. Before letting any potential buyers see your home, it is important that you get this repainted. This can increase the resale value and you can get the deserving amount of your home. The local commercial painters with our company can help you work out this in an affordable manner.

  1. Improving the Quality of Air in the Interior of a Home

Working with the local interior painters of Paint in Colors, you are confident of the quality of the paint used. The VOC is low or zero, and this ensures that the air quality indoors is healthy. Painting interiors can minimize dust and dirt circulating indoors.

  1. Safeguard from Mold

Excessive moisture is definitely unhealthy. This not only leads to damage but can be the cause of excessive mold. Painting your home at regular intervals can safeguard your home from mold and moisture.

What makes a Good House Painter?

Selecting the right interior local painters or exterior local painters does not have to be a daunting task. Listed below are some tips that can help you make the right choice of apartment painters.

  1. A Thorough Research

Handing over your home to painters works well if you conduct a thorough research. You need to research in accordance with your requirements. If you are on a specific budget you can search for interior local painters keeping your budget in mind.

  1. Experience Makes a Difference

Professional home painters need to be well experienced to be able to paint your home in a neat and tidy manner. These painters have the knowledge and experience of how to paint the different surfaces in different manners. The team of professionals at Paint in Color ensures customer satisfaction due to the experience they have over a period of time.

  1. Quality of Paints

Before hiring local apartment painters, it is important to find out the type of paint used. The quality of the paint can make the total difference not only to the look and feel but can also determine how long the paint can last. You would not want to spend every few months painting your home.

  1. Check out the Insurance

A paint job is not sans any risks, be it the exterior or interiors. This can be damage to your home or probably injury to the professional apartment painter. It is advisable to choose a professional company that has the required insurance.

What should I look for in a House Painter?

Choosing local commercial painters or house painters, you need to look for experience, reputation, the quality of paint used and of course, the cost.

You can also look for any discount given. The motto of any painter needs to be customer satisfaction. Cleaning up the premises after the job is completed is also the job of the professional painters. Paint in Colors does not involve subcontracting. Our company is also known for their references, and this is definitely a positive.

How much does it cost to hire Painter?

Different companies charge differently. The cost of painting totally depends on specific factors. Here are some of the factors to consider for the cost of painting.

Painting Estimates

The estimators from Paint in Color inspect the house and determine the cost of painting. The cost also depends on what you need to be painted, this can be only one of the rooms or probably, the interiors. You also have the choice of getting only the exteriors painted. The area is measured and the specifications are considered before you get the estimate of painting a home.

The Different Features

Every house is made in a different manner through the basic area might be uniform. Some of the features that can make a difference to the cost are painting of doors and windows, deck painting

The contractors seem to go through a constant struggle due to the unknown. The professionals can explain the ‘scope’ of the job in a convincing manner so that you get a clear picture of the approximate price of the painting job.

Choosing Colors

The paint used by experienced professionals is of ‘high quality. The cost totally depends on how many coats are required. The cost also depends on if only one color is used for the total home or different colors are used for the different living spaces.

Preparation for Painting

Preparing before painting the walls offers a quality job. The local commercial painters with Paint in Color need to scrape off the old paint before they start painting the new color. They also need to remove and recaulk any broken caulking and prime any bare wood.

Houses that are exposed to the west and/or the south need additional preparation and also additional paint coats as these are more exposed to the elements.


It is important to be able to get easy access to all the parts of the house. The painters need to factor in the additional time they might require to work around bushes or get on the roof. This adds up to the cost.


Any damage or rot on siding or trim needs to be repaired for that ‘perfect’ paint job. The apartment painters with Paint in Color take this into consideration before giving you an estimate of the cost.


The type of siding in your house can make a difference in the cost of painting a home. Different types of siding require different types of treatment during the process of painting. They might require more coats of paint.

Condition of the Apartment

Naturally, the total condition of an apartment needs to be considered before quoting any estimate. This can be determined only after our team of professionals visits your premises for the initial inspection.

Textured walls tend to cost more as these require additional coats of paint.

Materials used

You need to include the cost of materials and tools when you require an estimate of getting your home painted. A detailed list can include Brushes, Rollers, paint trays, pan liners, drop cloths, painter’s tape, and more. It is advisable to get a list of all that you need to pay for.

Cost of Labor

Labor cost will make a difference to the total cost of painting. You need to clarify what is being charged and what is the break-up. Most often, labor cost is calculated on an hourly basis.

For any more detailed information on the painting of a home, be it the exterior, interior, or even a commercial outlet, you can contact Paint in color.

Dream color and get the home of your dreams.

How do I choose a good painter? 


A well reputed company offers its own set of benefits. You can hand over your home to the professional painters without any tensions. These painters know how to clear up the house and go about their job without hassling you. They even make sure to set the house once the job is complete.

Painting the home is the most affordable manner in which you can renovate your home. You have the choice of choosing the interior local painters or probably the exterior local painters, depending on the requirement.

Due to the vast experience of the professionals with Paint In Colors, you can look forward to a ‘new home at an affordable price.

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