Fluid Measurement and Controlling Device

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Fluid measurement is required in many applications. They are used to control the flow of fuels. And also in the regulated engine of drug delivery in ventilators. You can measure the flow of liquids using several devices as well. Liquid measurements vary depending on the flow meter. They differ from one mass to volume flow and beyond. This article will help you understand fluids measurement and control devices. And also to decide on the type that is best for your application.

Coriolis Flow Measurement Device

Coriolis flowmeter is the most accurate fluid measurement instrument. They are also the most repeatable meters available in the market today. Coriolis fluid measurement devices are fit for applications that need high accuracy levels.

Accuracy is a must in flow measurement. This is because it will give you product quality, safety, and money. These meters are fit for custody transfer applications because of their high accuracy levels. These meters are also popular because their maintenance requirements tend to below. You will enjoy using this meter for your application. It is because it will also help you save money for maintenance.

Differential Pressure Flow Meters

Differential pressure flow meter devices are the oldest meters that are still in the market today. These meters are proven to be accurate and are fit for today's fluid flow measuring. The differential pressure flow meter is appropriate for industrial process measurement and control. You can use it in industrial process control, measuring natural gas, custody transfer, and many other applications. This fluid measurement device is the best and will give you the accuracy that you want.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic meters are also known as magnetic flow meters or mag meters. These meters are the second-largest segment of precision in the flowmeter market.

Magnetic flow meters will overtake the differential meters soon due to their high accuracy levels.

You can use these meters to measure the volumetric flow of conductive liquids. They give accurate measurements and are used in many applications. If you are looking for the best meter for your application, make sure to consider electromagnetic meters.

Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine meters are a simple way to determine the flow of liquids in clean fluids. These meters are highly accurate, and you can use them in custody transfer applications. The liquid flow meter can measure the volumetric flow of liquids. Unlike vortex, this meter will measure low flow rates. They are also used to measure thick fluids.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic is among the most accurate meters that are primarily used in custody transfer applications. These meters can measure and control the speed of the fluid in a closed tube using ultrasonic sound. The pressure and temperature of the liquid will help you choose the ultrasonic that is fit for you.


Fluid measurement is always essential in many industries. Always make sure the meter that you use to measure the flow is fit for that purpose. If you use meters in the wrong applications, you will get inaccurate measurements. You may also incur unnecessary costs. It is always good to research and understand the flow measurement device before using it for your application.

Cosmea Gardens
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