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How to make raw Indian hair last longer?

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How to make raw Indian hair last longer?

Many people wear wigs or get hair extensions to make their hair look voluminous. There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the texture of the wig.

Many people choose raw Indian hair or virgin Indian hair blonde. The reason why raw Indian hair is popular because it has the finest quality and the cuticle of the hair is not removed like many other hair extensions and wigs. 

Raw Indian hair is not treated with chemicals, and it grows on an individual scalp and is not perfect.

It may have irregular curls along with waves etc. Sometimes the people who claim they sell the original hair are not the actual raw Indian hair as nowadays most of the hair is labeled as a virgin, Remy, Chinese hair, etc., which is not the actual raw Indian hair.

They can be mixed with animal hairs or synthetic fibers, too sometimes, which can lead to deterioration of their quality. 

Most of the hair extension services use non-Remy hair. These hair manufacturers claim to produce authentic hair, but they are not as they are treated with acid and are dyed to achieve a particular type of color.

Sometimes they even coat it with silicone which provides it with a tangle-free temporary luster.

When this silicon fades away with time, the hairs become matted and frizzy and have to be changed immediately as it can even cause scalp infections and allergies. 

How do make them last longer?

Many people get taken off guard when they get to know about the high maintenance of raw Indian hair or virgin Indian hair blonde.

These types of hair do not only blend well but also look like they are your hair. 

We will brief you about how to take care of these hairs and make them last longer

  1. Cleanliness is important as it prevents the hair from getting dirty accumulated on it and also saves the hair from damage. Wash the hair once or once a week to remove all the dirt and sweat that may behave gathered on your scalp. This will always keep them fresh and in a healthy position.
  1. Always detangle them. Make sure that when you start detangling them, you use a wide-toothed brush and always spray your hair with water to ease out in the process.
  1. If you use hair dryers, it is advised that you do not use them much, and even if you do, always keep the temperature low or prefer air-drying them.
  1. You should sleep on a satin pillowcase or a satin bonnet. Comb your hair daily and always braid hem before going to bed. It will save them from breakage.  


We hope the article gave you the information you needed. Raw Indian hair requires a lot of care. 

If properly taken care of, it can last for a very long time. Raw Indian hair is the finest of all, and it even blends well and looks like your own hair. 

Follow these steps to protect your virgin Indian hair blonde.


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