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Why Small Businesses Adopt Hosted VoIP Services

VoIP Business
Why Small Businesses Adopt Hosted VoIP Services

 Small businesses are the life force of the business world and are the driving force behind the success of the hosted VoIP services. According to research, small businesses make up to 99% of the employers in the UK and the current businesses account for 60% of the private sector net new job growth. These statistics emphasis on the significance of a flexible and scalable business phone system for the small businesses and is one of the several reasons the small businesses are choosing hosted VoIP business services.


Size and future growth of the VoIP market


There has been a lot of research done on the size of the VoIP market. The industrialized Nations like the UK, USA, Canada, and European countries have the biggest VoIP markets. However, countries in other regions like Asia are also catching up quickly. A recent report has estimated that the VoIP industry will see strong growth by the year 2024. The experts have also predicted that the Global VoIP Phone services will have an estimated value of £190 billion by then.


Enterprise-level features and advantages


Whether the business is small or large, businesses compete with each other to get customers. Also, they compete to keep their customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Hence businesses are always looking for a competitive edge over their business competition. All Small businesses deserve the same kind of competitive edge as their huge counterparts, however, small businesses can hardly pay for such solution. The good news is that this is not the case with the hosted VoIP phone services. The hosted VoIP phone system includes the same features and advantages of an enterprise level communication system which is included in a reasonable package and is ideal for business of every size.


Future proof


Given the pace of technological growth, small businesses are concerned that their investments in the infrastructure and technology will become obsolete in a short amount of time. This worry is reinforced with their past investment in an expensive phone system. Since the replacement parts of those phones can be very costly or can be hard to find and the calls become costly as well. However, with the hosted VoIP services their responsibility to maintain a telephone system is shifted completely to the hosted VoIP service provider. The provider is charged with keeping the phone system and the features on cutting edge and to certify the newest VoIP phones on the platform. With time businesses are introduced to new capabilities and features. Since their phones age or become damaged they can be substituted with new models which work with any old phones they continue to use. Safe technology investment can be the key to a business’s success.




Majority of small businesses are nimble. Small businesses expand and contract along with the market opportunities. They require a phone system which can grow with them and matchup with their level of nimbleness. By employing hosted VoIP Phone services businesses can simply add phones whenever and wherever they require them. Businesses don’t need to overbuild the phone system in order to accommodate their growth, but they just need to add phones as their business grows. Also, since they are connected to a cloud-based system and not to a system which is housed in their office location they can deploy new phones anywhere they want. If their growth needs phones in another location or if they require to deploy a remote work team then the hosted PBX VoIP Phone services can accommodate their requirements. To the caller, they wouldn’t even have a clue where the phone calls are being answered. In addition, growing small businesses can move location without worrying about the downtime with the hosted VoIP services. They don’t have to be concerned about the physical move of the phone system and about contacting the telephone company to move the phone lines. They just need to move their phones to their new office space and they are in business. During their move, they can also forward incoming calls or even transfer a phone or two to the new office location while keeping incoming calls into the old location until everyone and everything is ready to move.


Competitive advantage


Small businesses which choose hosted VoIP services get enterprise-level features along with a low cost of purchase, monthly cost saving, flexibility in deployment and they avoid obsolescence. Businesses can program VoIP features to enhance their both internal and external business communication. All of this is delivered with a competitive advantage to their business which helps them in flourishing and succeeding in today’s market climate.




According to research a lot of business owners value Technology but hindered by the cost of it. The affordability of hosted VoIP services and the value which business owners place upon its technology is one of the many reasons why VoIP Technology has been adopted widely in the business market place. At times, businesses with hosted VoIP services see their monthly expense for phone service and phone system maintenance reduced when compared to the old traditional phone system. In addition, the value which most VoIP phones inherit is the fact that businesses are not buying a physical phone system. With VoIP businesses just need to buy the VoIP phones and those phones can be connected to the cloud phone system maintained and managed by VoIP service provider. Therefore, businesses accomplish reduced monthly expenditure for a low cost of investment.

If you are a small business owner, then you need to take your time to do detailed research about hosted VoIP system providers and get this advantage over the competition.

VoIP Business
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