Understanding Money Making In Share Market

Nishaan Singh

Share market is one of the most common platforms these days which is used by people to earn money in order to fulfill their financial goals in a short span of time. But making money is not as simple as it seems. It involves a lot of effort and consistency. Investing in the share market has not always been beneficial for everyone as the market is volatile and keeps on changing with no return guaranteed. But the share market has always attracted all people from all fields to make money and fulfill the financial goals as soon as possible. In order to learn the fundamentals of the share market, one must take Stock Market Courses.

Given below are the two primary ways that must be known to all the beginners which will help them understand the process of money-making in the share market:

  • Earning from capital depreciation- When one invests in the share market, they earn money on the capital amount they have invested. This is called capital depreciation. There are times when the profit from the share can go as high as a hundred percent while there are times when the profit is zero. So, there is no guarantee to earn from capital depreciation. However, being consistent in the share market can surely help one gain a huge profit from capital depreciation. To know about this in detail one can take up share market courses from any share market advisory company.

  • Earning from dividends- Apart from earning profit from capital depreciation, investors can also earn money from dividends. There are times when a company decides to distribute profits to its shareholders. This is called dividends, it can either a partial dividend or a full dividend. In most cases, partial dividends are distributed by the company, and it keeps the rest of the profit for fulfilling other purposes of the company. One such purpose can be the expansion of the company.


Apart from this, there are certain other ways which help one in making money from the share market. Some of the ways suggested by Share Market Advisory Company include:


  1. Building a diversified profile- It is a great idea to put money in different shares, this process is known as diversification. Diversification should be done across different sectors and also across market capitalization. Diversification across different sectors works in your favor when the economic environment is not in favor of one sector. This is one of the most important steps that is taught in most of the share market courses.

  2. Know when to sell shares- There are several times when the share is flat for a longer period of time, while several times it can be volatile in nature. So, one must be very much careful as when to sell the share. One must also consider that risk is a part of the market and your decision to exit should not be based on changing market movements. 

  3. Choose your share carefully after analysis- Stock selection requires a vast knowledge of various subjects such as corporate law, economics, and finance. However, if you don’t have proper knowledge of these subjects you take help from any Share Market Advisory Company or take up Share Market Courses to understand the basics of the share market. This will also help you in choosing the best share for the time you are investing in the share market.

Share market is a very vast subject and needs a lot of observation, knowledge, and patience to understand. Investing directly in the share market cant be everybody’s cup of tea. One must build a strong portfolio to be in the share market and earn profit from it.

Nishaan Singh
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