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Losing Weight | Healthy Weight, Nutrition

Losing Weight | Healthy Weight, Nutrition

Most of the people in modern life are facing the problem of diabetes and obesity. To get rid of obesity, people sweat in the gym for hours, follow a strict diet.

But now you will be able to lose weight even without diet and exercise. In fact, the report of a new study has claimed that the medicines taken by diabetic patients play an important role in reducing weight.

Let us know which medicine is this and how it reduces weight.

It has been told in the study report that crores of people suffering from type-2 diabetes take metformin medicine.

In the report of a 15-year study on about 30 thousand people, it has been claimed that metformin tablets taken in type-2 diabetes also prove to be helpful in reducing weight.

If you restrict your food along with this medicine, exercise and walk 2-3 kilometers and reduce the amount of refined oil, animal fat, junk food and sugar in the food, then a lot of weight can be reduced.





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Apple juice vinegar contains acetic acid, which reduces the level of sugar in our blood vessels, which means that the sugar level in the blood decreases and by reducing the sugar level, you will start losing weight.

Drinking this will keep your stomach full so that you will not be able to eat much food. Apple juice vinegar contains pectin and pectin reduces waste cholesterol in the body.

By drinking apple cider vinegar, our digestive system remains good, so that there is no problem of constipation.


Green tea helps you a lot to lose weight. Green tea is very beneficial for your body. It maintains blood pressure level along with reducing weight. It contains antioxidants which are very beneficial for diabetes patients and heart patients. It is good Everyone can take it.


Green tea from many companies is available in the market, out of which Lipton green tea is very popular, you can try it once.


Muscleblaze fat burner will help you to reduce your weight naturally. Together you control your food and do daily workout and running, only then this medicine will work better.


To reduce weight naturally, four ingredients have been added to it –

1 Garcinia cambogia

2 green tea extract

3 green seed extract

4 piper nigram is inserted


All these ingredients will help you in reducing your weight. By taking this tablet, you will feel less hungry so that you will not be able to eat much, your weight will start decreasing.



Green coffee reduces your weight and maintains balance and strengthens metabolism. It is found in high amounts of chlorogenic acid, which completely cuts our extra fat.


Taking it reduces appetite, along with it you do a good diet plan and workout, then your weight will start decreasing.

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