Do Not Worry About Your Spinal and Nervous System Disorders When You Are In San Antonio

Dr. Osama Ahmed
Jun 09, 2021 14:32

Spinal disorders originate due to a weak nervous system of the body. People tend to suffer from a wide and varied list of diseases and physical problems due to an insufficient jumpy system. At Brain and Spine Institute of San Antonio, we offer various medical services and spinal and brain surgeries in San Antonio. We are a medical group practice located in San Antonio, TX, that specializes in Neurosurgery.


We exist to serve every life in need, thereby performing effective surgeries to help our patients beat every odd. We have some of the best board-certified neurosurgeons and brain surgeons in San Antonio who operate with proficiency by using the latest technology.


Use of latest technology


Progress in science and technology has changed the entire realm of all the industries in the world. The medical and healthcare industry has experienced wonders in medical practice with fewer complications. Brain and Spine Institute of San Antonio has the best board-certified surgeons who use the latest technology to treat patients and perform surgeries.


We perform particular category of surgeries: 


We perform the most effective spine robotic surgery in San Antoniowhere automated surgical systems are used instead of freehand to ensure a more precise operation. It is more organized, generates less pain, provides speedy recovery, and leaves minimal scarring.

When our expert surgeons perform Spine robotic surgery in San Antoniothey can finish it in a shorter duration and with perfection than traditional spine surgery.


At Brain and Spine Institute of San Antonio, we perform the best skull base surgery in San Antonio where the tumour removed or further growth at the base, or bottom, of the skull, is removed. We perform efficacious skull base neurosurgery in San Antoniowhere technology is applied to derive the best results.


Our Board-certified surgeons in San Antonio perform minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery and lumbar artificial disc removal in San Antonio, both of which are highly advanced categories of surgeries and demand appreciable expertise.


Minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery in San Antonio is a surgical procedure in which two or more bones of the spine join together permanently using a minor cut or incision than traditional spinal fusion surgery. A minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery is due to the following reasons:


  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Scoliosis
  • Break (fracture) of your spinal column
  • Infection of your spinal column
  • Tumour in your spinal column


The above reasons cause severe back pain for a prolonged period, or even forever, if not operated on in time. Suppose you are looking for effective discharge from back pain in San Antonio occurring due to any of these reasons. In that case, our surgeons shall attend to you by performing an effective minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery after proper check-up, testing, and medication.


Our best board-certified surgeons perform the advanced Lumbar artificial disc replacement in San Antonio at Brain and Spine Institute of San Antonio. In this modern surgery, worn or damaged disk material between the small bones in the spine or the vertebrae is removed and replaced with a synthetic or "artificial" disk.


This surgery relieves back pain while maintaining more normal motion than what is allowed in some other procedures. The reasons to conduct lumbar artificial disc replacement surgery are similar to that of minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery, but the difference between the both is the procedure and technology.


Our highly experienced surgeons perform Lumbar artificial disc replacement in San Antonio with perfection and ease and only after conducting appropriate tests. They ensure that the patients are discharged from the hospital in 1 to 3 days in most cases, after safe and easy artificial disk replacement. Our surgeons make all the efforts to motivate and push the patients to stand and walk by the first day after surgery to avoid future movement problems.


Why consult us?


Brain and Spine Institute of San Antonio has the best board-certified surgeons in San Antonio with us. Our surgeons possess rich experience and relevant expertise in performing efficient spinal, brain, and other neurological surgeries. We have delivered successful results to our patients in San Antonio and believe in serving more and more people with our modern tech-based surgical procedures.

Dr. Osama Ahmed
Jun 09, 2021 14:32
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