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How Google Slides Can Benefit

How Google Slides Can Benefit

Google Slides, which comprises papers, sheets and forms, is a presentation service and part of the software package for productivity. The system is straightforward to use with a strong range of capabilities to allow you build outstanding presentations. It is most important of all free of charge with Google's own personal accounts or combined with the commercial G-Suite service from $6 a month. It is thus our best overall choice for the most general customers for small company presenting software.


Google Slides Pricing

Google Slides comes with any Google personal account free of charge. It also includes the G-Suite e-mail account platform that costs $6 to $12 per user every month. There are also many additional systems available in this area.

Pricing plans include:


Google Slides Features

Google Slides has the tools and templates to create and deliver presentations. You may even import .PPT files, so that if you want you may work on PowerPoint slideshows. You can also find out how to bend text in google slides this can be very useful in your work. It also permits real-time collaboration, which is excellent for teams working together on crucial presentations.


Editing Tools

The UI of Google Slides includes with a basic set of slide creation, text formatting and animation insertion features. You may turn data from your Excel and Google Sheets into graphics as well as input a picture and video from just about every major file type like most of other top platforms. The design of the software is quite clean, and not all of the features from Google Slide should be easy for beginners to use.



You may make your own slides at all levels, or you may select from 26 templates, using Google Slides. You can use it for commercial purpose and alter it according to your requirements. You may also utilize designs from third-party sites, such as the Slides Carnival, offering hundreds of free models with impressive designs. It is, however, smaller than rival systems such as PowerPoint or Canva, with more than 50,000 templates.


Presenter Tools

Google Slides includes apps for iOS and Android smartphones which enable you, when your machine is linked to the TV or the projector, to operate your phone as a remote control. You can't accomplish it without a third-party application in PowerPoint or other rivals. It also provides features, such as private notes, a pointer to highlight on-screen things and a Q&A tool that allows the audience to access a URL on their devices to ask questions from speakers.


What Google Slides Is Missing

Google Slides is a powerful presentation service, especially when you consider the fact that it is free. However, it is missing some of the more advanced features found in paid systems. For example, it does not come with any sort of capability to generate presentations automatically. If you are short on time and want software that can build presentations for you when you type in content, then you might want to consider Slidebean instead.


 “We’re big fans of Google Slides. Much of our team is scattered across multiple locations in Scotland and the United States, and it’s quite difficult and expensive to maintain a dedicated shared network across so many locations. Google Slides allows our team to share access to presentations and make edits collaboratively and in real time, so it’s useful when it comes to working as a team.”


—Stephen Hart, CEO, Digital Impact.


Where to Find Google Slides

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Google Slides wouldn’t be beneficial. It’s free to use for most people, it has all the tools you’d need to make effective content, and it even offers real-time collaboration capabilities. Click here to start using Google Slides today.


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