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How to remove dents from the car at home!

Poresh Tripura
How to remove dents from the car at home!

Door panels are made of thin sheets of metal stretched over lightweight frames that make the door. The sheet metal on the door panels is not as strong as the fenders and will dent easily. Door panels are easily repaired, however, without having to take the car to a professional auto body repair shop. You may even be able to repair door panel dents without having to do paint repairs.

What can and cannot be Cardone

Car dents are small indentations in the outer veneer. A layman won't be able to fix accidental damage or even a warped frame. In principle, the smoother and more rounded the outer edges of a dent, the easier it will be to repair. On the other hand, if the edge is sharp and bent, homemade media may not work.

The varnish challenge

A dent in the bodywork does not always imply paint damage. Modern car varnishes are quite elastic so that with any luck it is possible to treat a dent without having to apply paint. However, the most important thing to remove dents is heat. Cold varnish is porous and splits easily. Therefore, a dent should always be treated with enough heat so that the paint adjusts to the movements of the sheet.

Technical bases

Car dents can be fixed by pulling or pressing from the inside. To eliminate them from behind there is more possibility of exerting the necessary force. However, there are many parts to disassemble. To remove a dent by pulling it is always a challenge to exert enough force without damaging the paint. Therefore, a vacuum is always used in this case. In some circumstances, it is also possible to work with glue, but great care must be taken when removing the remains.

First try: hot water

Before using any tools, it is worth rinsing the surface of the dent with hot, preferably boiling, water. Hopefully, the veneer relaxes and returns to its original shape. This also works on plastic bumpers. In any case, hot water always provides enough heat for the paint and base material to be flexible.

Second try: The plunger

If the dent is large enough to use a plunger (new!), Then it is in good condition for the repair to be a success. After applying hot water to the dent, place the plunger over it and pull hard. With this method, it is possible to fix large, flat dents well in most cases. For smaller buns, therefore, a smaller suction cup is needed. The suction cups on mobile stands, for example, are ideal. High-quality supports usually have very strong and small suction cups with which a very high force can be applied to the sheet. You can also search for 'heavy-duty suction cups In trade, which generally only cost a few dollars.

Attack from behind

If these attempts do not provide the desired result, the dent must be approached from behind. It is also possible to apply hot glue or Loctite on the dent to pull it out. However, you run the risk of damaging the paint. If the car is not going to be thoroughly polished but is going to undergo a one-off repair, the time has come to turn to the opposite side. For this you need the following:

1 Hot air dryer
1 Tool for removing the inner lining
1 Rubber hammer
1 Round wooden or plastic bar with rounded tip, approx. 5 cm diameter

The inner liner is removed first. For this, it is highly recommended to use a professional disassembly tool. The little levers only cost about 5 dollars. With its help, rivets and clips can be released from the door panels without breaking them.

Partial success is also a success

If the dent cannot be fixed with the measures described, and painting is unavoidable. Every millimeter the dent has receded means less putty. The thinner the leveling coat, the easier and more durable the repair will be. Thick layers of putty tend to come off. Furthermore, they tend to accumulate water causing serious rust damage that often goes unnoticed for a long time.

Putty - sand - repair

Therefore, a less bulky dent helps reduce the thickness of the caulk layer. Before applying the putty, the varnish is sanded lightly or completely. A primer coat is then applied. Since paint is already being sprayed at this point, it should be thoroughly masked. An " edge-to-edge " paint repair is always the best option. It is practically impossible to achieve a clean transition on the surface. The ribs and edges are ideal for masking. In smaller spots and larger cars, it is also possible to apply the new varnish at home. The important thing here is to always use the exact color. This can be obtained from the dealer upon presentation of the vehicle registration document.

Alternative to varnishing

Putting is part of the preparations for varnishing a car. One must consider in advance what kind of varnish repair one wants. A lot of money can be saved by handing a car completely caulked, smoothed, and sanded to the painter. If, in addition, everything is well masked and critical parts (rear lights, etc.) have been removed, it is especially easy for the varnishing professional. In the case of older cars, however, it is an investment of more than a thousand dollars.

When it comes to removing one or more dents from your amazing car, painting can still be the most stylish and economical way. But if the whole car needs a makeover, there is an alternative to repainting. Vinyl has almost the same effect as a new varnish. The advantage is that with some practice, any handyman with more or less talent can do it. However, a sheet, like a new varnish, is only as good as the surface on which it is applied. Therefore, thorough car dent removal and proportioning caulking is also important for vinyl wrapping. Although it is not easy, you usually learn a lot before you know how to properly handle a spray gun.

A measure to consider before the sale

Fresh, dent-free paint on the car increases the value of a car by a few hundred Dollar. So spending a Saturday on dent removal pays off right away. The value of the car increases even more if the same energy is put into preparing the interior. A cool, thoroughly clean car with a clean engine, carpets, and shelves is practically an invitation to sit back and drive. Which should be used, if you want to sell a car.


Poresh Tripura
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