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A Guidance To Ship Your Car

Ainy Waya
A Guidance To Ship Your Car

What Information Do I Need To Use Car Shipping Calculator?

Follow these simple steps.

In order to give you the most accurate estimate of car shipping prices, make sure you have some important information on hand. We will need the following:

  1. Origin and destination cities, regions, and zip codes
  2. Vehicle design, model, age, and type of vehicle
  3. Running mode
  4. Vehicle company open or closed network vehicles
  5. The date your car was first available for download
  6. After you submit and submit this information, you will have your own traffic limit within seconds. You will be contacted by one of our staff to assist you with any information you may need to send your vehicle.

Factors that may increase the cost of shipping your car or other vehicles are:

Fire Size. The price will increase the car size, as it has more weight and takes up more space. Here are some examples of what additional costs could be:

SUV - $ 75

Large SUV - $ 125

Full size truck - $ 150

For both - $ 250

Our services are not limited in size; from the smallest and most compact car to the heavy and large vehicles, we can move it. Not just SUVs or trucks, but RVs and military vehicles that can be transported with them!

Vehicle Status

If it is not in working condition, you will have to pay extra to ship your car. If:

Directions and brakes - $ 100

It needs to be put on a fork or dropped off a truck - $ 200 to $ 500 depending on the size.

A running car is always more affordable than one that can work when it comes to transportation costs. Not that it needs to be driven when you move it; makes the job easier to load, unload and reduces repair work. Make sure you turn this premium over when you use the fast-moving car calculator.

Enclosed Car Shipping

The included shipping costs will be, on average, 80% more than the company's open vehicle transport. This type of automatic shipping should only be chosen if your car is expensive, custom, or you are transporting a motorsport car. The idea is to protect the car from foreign objects - something that ordinary cars are already designed for.

Accelerated Transportation

If you need your car or other vehicle to be picked up in a short time and / or fast delivery, the cost will go up.

These costs will go up for immediate delivery because the carrier may need to make changes to its schedule or make last-minute changes to its plans. This means an increased risk, as a driver who usually takes the route during the day may have to drive all night at smaller stops.

Special Requests

Uploading a car during transport may cost up to $ 100 more.

Auto Transport Gap Protection Coverage

The AFta PLAN will protect you up to $ 2000 with out-of-pocket costs in the event of corporate insurance failure. Adding GAP protection, depending on the cover, will cost an additional $ 48- $ 98. You may think that investing in this program is not worth the effort, but it is important to note that this installation will protect you not only during delivery, but also if damage is received up to 48 hours after that.


Holiday seasons or inclement weather may increase shipping rates. A fast-paced car rating calculator will provide a basic value that does not calculate time of year. High Season (Summer) may require higher automatic shipping costs due to the need of the network company. You should be aware at this time that you can pay anything from $ 100 to $ 800 for extra time and holidays. You can also try to schedule your travel according to the time of year. Spring and autumn are some of the most affordable travel times, as there is no great need, and the weather is not too bad. You can save money by waiting, but we also understand that waiting is not always possible.

Economic Conditions

Gas / Diesel Ratings, features that change the network company rating. Expect to pay around $ 100 to an additional $ 300 during the recession. The recent situation of COVID-19 also led to an increase in prices due to the precautionary measures they should take, in addition to the forced closure. However, this is starting to go back and prices have stabilized now.

Delivery and Delivery Locations

Remote distances will require carriers to get out of the most traveled lanes and will likely raise the bar. Depending on how far your location is from major cities or central areas, you can expect to pay almost double your first quoted quote.

However, there is always a channel-to-station delivery option, where truck drivers will not have to deviate from their route. There are also options to lower your car in certain areas of the driveway that will significantly reduce costs - but you will need to pick it up yourself or someone authorized by you.

Ainy Waya
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