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What is the Best Online Payment Gateway for eCommerce Business in Dubai?

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What is the Best Online Payment Gateway for eCommerce Business in Dubai?

As times change one has to bring about changes in the way one does business. Adamantly sticking to old methods will only leave one behind in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. Taking your business online is the biggest and most necessary trend in today’s business world. For online businesses, customer convenience is paramount for effecting sales. They have to also be able to trust your eCommerce business for it to be successful. One of the biggest points to keep in mind for an eCommerce business is, choosing the best online payment gateway, which is both dependable and safe enough to make your customers comfortable. The agency you partner with for your eCommerce website design in Dubai can integrate the payment gateway of your choice to the site for its smooth functioning.

The payment gateway is one of the most important features of an eCommerce business. Having a dependable payment gateway will help boost your sales. It is crucial to ensure that no fraudulent transactions occur as it can affect your business and hence your customer’s loyalty very badly. You have to have enough confidence in the payment gateway you choose to give a guarantee to your customer also.

A payment gateway is a channel that connects the eCommerce website and the customer’s bank so that money transferred by the customer reaches the seller’s account safely. Online money transactions are not possible without a payment gateway. The payment gateway encrypts the data the customer gives the merchant and ensures the customer has money in his account before enabling the transaction of the required amount to the merchant’s account.

Ecommerce website design in UAE may be different from the rest of the world in the regulations they have to follow. This affects the payment gateways you may want to use. The following are some of the best online payment gateways for an eCommerce business in Dubai:


This is one of the most popular online payment gateways today. It is available globally and therefore your international transactions can also happen smoothly and efficiently. The payment gateway is highly customisable and offers a variety of payment methods. Their pricing system is three-tiered; entry plan, small plan and medium plan. If you start with an entry plan and you have more volume of transactions than as per the requirements of the entry plan, you will be switched automatically to the next tier plan. The gateway charges monthly fees and as you move on to a higher tier, the monthly fee reduces but a small percentage of the total transactions will be charged as a transaction fee. Integration of the payment gateway can be done in three ways. An agency you hire for eCommerce website development in Dubai can help you with the integration process.


PayTabs is another excellent option for eCommerce businesses in Dubai. The company started out in 2015 and is well known for its anti-fraud protection. It supports multiple currencies and is available on a global scale. The payment gateway is PCI-DSS certified and offers many add-ons along with their service. They can give shout outs to your business on their social media page for you to get more exposure. They also help in setting up an online shop and you can enter into strategic partnerships with them.

They also offer three plans for pricing; start-up plan, growth plan and an enterprise plan. The plans are based on the volume of transactions expected. There is a fixed monthly charge for the start-up plan and they charge a small percentage of each transaction in the growth plan. With the enterprise plan, you can contact their sales team to negotiate a price. You will have 24-hour support from their team of experts.


PayFort is a payment service offered by Amazon primarily for businesses in the Middle East region. It doesn’t have a wide global reach but it is a really good option for businesses in Dubai. They offer high security during transactions and accept multiple payment methods.

They offer two pricing plans, the standard plan and the customized plan. The standard plan charges a fixed percentage of transactions plus a monthly fee while the customised plan, as the name suggests, is where you can negotiate with them and come up with a pricing method that suits you and PayFort the best. There is no set-up or integration fee. The payment gateway is made to suit the consumers of Dubai so it can be a very good option for your eCommerce business.


Cashu is one of the oldest and most trusted payment gateways in Dubai. It was created for the Middle East and North Africa region and is the largest payment gateway in that region. It does not function on a global scale but it guarantees security in each and every transaction. When consumers use Cashu, they have an option of doing online purchases without an actual bank account. Cashu provides an e-wallet that consumers can fund before making purchases. They also allow consumers to combine multiple payment options for a single transaction.


Checkout is another payment gateway that works on a global scale. It started its services in 2012 and offers multiple payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, American Express cards, JCB and more. They also allow you to accept payments from digital wallets such as PayPal. They provide flexible financial tools and insights that allow you to give your customers the best experience. They price their services based on the volume of your transactions. Integration can be done using several methods including API and Iframe and a specialist in eCommerce web development in Dubai can assist you in setting it up.

Other payment gateway options include Stripe, CC Avenue and 2Checkout. You have to carefully analyse each payment gateway before making a decision on which to use. Choosing the best payment gateway is vital for the success of your business as the gateway you choose involves the trust and loyalty of your customers. When looking for a payment gateway, take the advice of an agency for eCommerce web design in Dubai as they are more knowledgeable in this field. Know where your business is headed and choose a gateway that will provide the best services for you and your clients.

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