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Top Blogging Tips for Tech Business Owners

Emma Taylor
Top Blogging Tips for Tech Business Owners

It's 2021, and thousands of new blogs get launched by aspiring bloggers and small business owners across the globe every single day.

There are a ton of blogs on anything you could possibly think of like all sorts of different marketing blogs, foodie blogs, travel blogs, music blogs, writers blogs, crafters blogs and so on. When you search for specific information online, you will most likely end up on someone’s blog.

Since only blogs on the first couple of pages of search engine results get any noticeable traffic, it’s every bloggers goal to show up as close to the first page for their main keywords as possible.

It would be nearly impossible to rank in the first spot or anywhere on page #1 for a search term like "Best Pie Recipe" with thousands upon thousands of successful food bloggers and food related websites.

All hope is not lost though, you can definitely still show up on the fist page even if you’re a brand new foodie blogger writing about pies.

It is important that you understand how to improve your blog and use good blogging practices to get your site to show up on the first page in search engines.

Top 5 Tips for A Successful Tech Business Blog

Use long-tail Keywords

Research the topic you are writing about and find long-tail keywords that your potential visitors might be searching for. A long-tail keyword is a string of words like "Top Small Business Blogging Tips for 2021″ instead of just "Blogging Tips".

It is much easier to get on page one with long-tail keywords, rather than using a bunch of short keywords. If you don’t know which long-tail keywords to use, simply go to Google and type in your short keyword. Before you click enter or the search button, Google will give you several suggestions.

At the bottom of the search page you can also find related search terms. You can use one of these long-tail keyword suggestions as the title for your article and several others to inspire content ideas.

Write Engaging Content

If you are passionate about your subject matter than it is pretty easy to write engaging, informative content. The golden rule for a great article is between 1,000 – 1,800 words that is easy to read and understand. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, a blog is for the purpose of discussion and interaction.

So try to create a conversation with your readers and provide a way for them to join in. You need to listen to your readers and engage with them, not just throw written content out there. You can even add memes, people will love it.

Include a comment section and check regularly for replies. If your readers have questions, answer them in a quick and professional manner. If you don’t know the answer, research it and get back to them as soon as you can.

Add Links to older articles

Your blog’s bounce rate is partly determined by how long your visitors stay on a single page and your site in general. To keep your readers on your blog longer it’s a good idea to add links to your older blog posts.

Find related articles on the subject you are writing about and use keywords to link to these posts like ‘Tips for Money Management‘. Adding links to older articles will reduce your blog’s bounce rate and have an impact on its overall SEO rating.

Check your Blog Load Time

How long does it take for your blog to load, a few seconds, a minute, longer? Your blog should load almost instantly! A slow loading blog is frustrating and you will most likely lose visitors, especially people on the go (smart phones users). In order to speed up your blog load time you will need to optimize your blog.

Remove any unused plug-ins, empty your spam and trash folders, use a fast loading theme, get rid of any massive files and reduce the size of your images. If you use WordPress than a plug-in called WP-Optimize is a great tool.

It will extensively clean up your WordPress database, reduce post revisions, drafts and spam, and optimize your site. Use a caching plug-in and delete the cache from time to time.

Interact on Social Networks

Taking the time to utilize the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. is a win-win for any small business owner. It is not enough to write great content any longer in hopes for your readers to stumble upon your articles through a search engine.

You need to be pro-active and share your content (articles, pictures, videos, etc.) where your readers will be able to see it. Connect with your readers and interact with them. You will ultimately get more visitors to your blog which will boost its SEO and if you have engaging content your articles will be shared on more social networks. Like I said, it’s a win-win situation.

Final words

If you find yourself working hard on building a successful blog for your small business without getting the results you want, STOP and regroup! 

Make sure you are doing the right things, then ensure you are doing them correctly.

Emma Taylor
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